**Action" Investigations pt2

Starbug 06Cockpit1244 hoursSmegg sat at the science station reviewing the downloaded files."Found anything, Smegg?" Harris asked, fighting back a yarn."Not yet, Major." Smegg replied. "But I'll be sure to tell if I were to find anything.""When was the last time you got some sleep, Major?" Van Threk asked Harris."None of your business!" Harris snapped."The health of the crew is my business." Van Threk told the Major. You may be above the Captain when it comes to security but I am higher then anyone when it comes to the health of the crew!"Harris just muttered harshly and left the cockpit.*************************************************
Crew sleeping quarters1250 hoursHarris groaned as he tried to settle on one of the bunks, that was easier said then done with a broken arm in a sling. He finally managed to get into a position that was the least painful and slowly drifted off to sleep.The cover of an air vent was knocked free and something that looked like a slug with pathetic little arms and a nasty little face with teeth dropped to the floor. It slid around the room for a while and then it slid up into the bunk Harris was sleeping in.*****************************
Cockpit"What the?" Lt. Smegg commented."What's up?" Van Threk asked."You know those five life signs Donover detected." Smegg said."Yes." Van Threk answered."Well, we have five stowaways!" Smegg told the Doctor.********************************
Crew sleeping quartersHarris woke feeling an arm around him. He looked behind him and then he saw her, she said. "Hello Frank."Harris nearly flew from the bunk to the other side of the room."You're not real!" Harris snapped at her, edging his way to the door. "This is a dream and I'm going to wake up any second now!""I'm real, Frank." Charlie Dimmock said as she stood up. She made her way over to the door blocking his only escape route.Harris began to back away fighting the overwhelming urge to run around the room screaming his head off in blind terror. He did what was natural to him and he drew his gun.Charlie moved up to him as he backed off against the wall. She reached out and removed the gun from Harris' hand without any trouble, he was too scared to do anything.**************************************
Outside the crew sleeping quartersDonover and the second security officer, both carrying their guns, met up by the door with a scanner. Donover nodded to the security officer and signalled for him to open the door.The security officer jabbed at the button and the door slid open and as the two shot into the sleeping quarters. They saw this seven foot tall armour plated creature with teeth that looked like they could chew through a bulkhead, looming over Harris with what looked like a tongue with a sucker on the end planted firmly on Harris' forehead.Then the creature noticed it had company, turned to face the two security officers, snarled with its' teeth filled jaws and then morphed into the much smaller slug like creature. In its' smaller form it snarled again, this time failing to cause fear and slid up the wall and back into the air vent."What was that?!" Donover commented.The security officer moved over to Harris and scanned him. He looked up at Donover and told him, sounding confused himself. "He's missing his fear?"As all this was happening the Starbug was landing in the Blue Dwarf and within moments, five slug like creatures, including the one that attacked Harris, slid out from the starbug and disappeared into the Blue Dwarf's air vents.<<Remember what happened to Lister when he had his fear sucked out by a polymorph, now take that and apply it to Harris, frightening isn't it!
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