Cmdr Niples "Relaxing"

Cmdr Niples
JMC Blue Dwarf
Drive room
Niples watched through the small portable TV screen as the Starbug left the ship and headed out into open space to find the origin of the distress call.
He wanted to be on that ship so much, but that would leave the ship in the uncapable hands of the captain.
Discovering he had a few hours before the Starbug got back he decided to go down to the swimming baths on the lower deck.
When he got down there he found an empty Jacuzzi (it was actually a converted boiler) and sat down and relaxed, letting the burden of command slip from his shoulders. The steam from the warm water was so soothing he fell asleep.
A few hours later the Starbug landed and five slug like creatures slipped out of it and disapeared into the air vents.
Jacuzzi room
Water trickled out of the air vent on the celing of the room and landed in a puddle on the floor. The puddle quickly formed into a solid shape and grew taller, forming into a body, a female body... a body one may say was "fitter than a butchers dog."
The female looked at the sleeping Seymore Niples in the Jacuzzi and smiled mischeivously. Then she smoothly slipped into the warm water with him...
(To be continued...)
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