[JMC_Blue_Dwarf] 'Recovering the Losses (3a/3)'

Bob and Nester watched the outpost airlock to which the Edwards were docked at. Except for the odd crewman/woman coming from and to the ship was barely anyone around.
This isn't going to work, Nester throught to himself. Just the two of them against a ship with only half its' crew aboard which still greatly outnumbered the pair of them. Even with the security codes what were they going to do?
Should of have stayed in the medical practice, Nester throught. At least then you know your boss wasn't insane and with a very short temper. Not that he had much choice, eight years ago he had his medical licence revoked and was kicked out of the medical service.
Seeing that there was no one else around Bob grabbed Nester by the collar and then dragged him through the airlock into the Edwards. Once inside, Bob released his hold on Nester's collar and so that he could walk normally and not arouse suspicion.
Ten minutes later
Davina paced side to side of her cell and that bloody humming of the forcefield was really starting to get on her nerves.
The doors to the brig then slide open and in stepped Bob, who was dragging an unconscious crewman behind him, and Nester, who was holding a hand over his left eye.
"You took your bloody time!" Davina snapped.
"Ah, shut up!" Bob snapped.
Nester shot up to the cell's control panel and began to tap in a code, which didn't work. He tried again and then again until the fifth attempt worked and the forcefield went offline. Davina stepped out of the cell, looked at Nester for a moment and then punched him hard, knocking him to the floor and she commented. "Now I feel better."
Nester groaned as he stood up and Davina saw that his left eye was bruised and not by her punch.
"He's about your size?" Bob asked referring to the unconscious crewman.
"Near enough." Davina commented as she knelt down beside the crewman and began to strip him. "WhatÂ’s the matter, couldn't you find a female crewmember?"
"We didn't have time to be picky." Nester commented. "We came straight here and besides, this one knew who we were!"
Davina gathered up the uniform into an untidy pile and then told Nester. "Turn away!"
Nester merely grumbled and turned away. Bob on the other hand, on the count that he was her boss and wasn't going to try anything, helped Davina out the dress she was wearing. She was quickly changed into the uniform and found it wasn't that bad a fit.
"Now what?" Nester asked still facing away.
"We don't have the codes to stage a fake reactor meltdown." Bob stated. "For that we would need a level 10 security and the best we got is a level 6."
"Level 6 isn't even high enough to put down a computer lockout." Davina commented as she tied back her hair.
"But it does give us minor access to the environmental controls!" Nester said grinning. "And waste extraction."
"Am I missing something here?" Davina asked.
"Only something we were subjected to!" Bob told her.
"We need to get to either the drive room or engineer." Nester said.
"Alright." Bob commented as he removed a coin for his pocket. "Head's, drive room and tails, engineering."
Davina and Nester watched as Bob flipped the coin.
(To be continued.)

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