(Blue Dwarf) Frank Harris 'Let me out of here!!'

Blue Dwarf
Holding cells
Harris came round with this strange sense that something was missing and with the desire to kill someone or at least just to beat the crap of someone.
A snarl escaped from between his lips and turned towards the five security officers and Van Threk standing there. Then he launched himself at the group snarling like an enraged animal only to thrown against the back of the wall by a force field.
"Get me the f*#@ing hell out of here!" Harris yelled.
"Not untill you are back to normal." Van Threk told Harris. "And don't brother using your security codes as they have been disabled."
"Normal, NORMAL!!" Harris snapped. "I have never been normal you little bitch and the way you look at me like I'm deranged!"
Harris turned to see Death Wish amoung the security, as always he was forming at the mouth and he snapped. "Wish! Let me out of here and I'll kill you!"
"Don't you dare!" Van Threk ordered Death Wish. "Just stay here and don't let him out!"
Harris snarled and threw himself at the forcefield again as Van Threk left the holding cells.

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