(Blue Dwarf) Frank Harris 'Jailbreak 2'

Blue Dwarf
Holding cells
Harris paced from one end of the cell to the other glaring evilly at the security officers posted to keep an eye on him to prevent him from escaping. He could see that Death Wish was getting bored too and he too was starting to pace.
"Death Wish!" Harris snapped. "That offer still stands, let me out of her and I'll kill ya!" An offer that would make no sense to anyone else but to Death Wish, who lived up to his name, it was a temping offer.
"Don't do it!" One of the other security guards warned Death Wish.
"Who are you going to listen to Wish, him or me?!" Harris told Death Wish.
The confused Death Wish looked from the security officers to Harris tore between duty and the desire to die.
Five minutes later
The five security officers laid on the floor having being beaten black and blue by Harris.
"The lying bastard!" Death Wish commented as he lay in the state of a untidy mess, quite utterly miserable that he was still alive.
Harris stalked his way along the corridor, he stopped by the fire fighting tools and smashed open the glass cupboard doors and pulled free the fire axe. He grinned evilly as he ran his finger along the edge of the axe blade.
"Put the axe down!"
Harris spun round to see Jackson leading a group of five security officers. Jackson then ordered. "Major Harris sir, put down the axe and no one will get hurt!"
Harris then spotted Lenny Ming among the security officers and he yelled. "Traitor!"
Security officer Ming took off as Harris charged at him with the axe held high and the security officers stated to chase after Harris.
In a surreal twist of fate, Ming disappeared into a door in a corridor lined with six doors, closely followed with Harris and the five security officers that were chasing Harris into the doorway. It resulted in a bizarre chase with the different groups chasing each other through the different doors and soon the wrong people were chasing the wrong people.
While this chaos was going on a cat ran by closely followed by a trio by rats holding lances and riding on the backs of scutters.
The chase left the six-door corridor and down into the cargo holds.
(To be continued)

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