Ragnarok and Roll - Part 1

"No. NO. NO!" Rufus said running forwards and beating on the plastic,
smashing the remaining viles of GUNK onto the substance. A tidal wave
of ooze tumbled out of the blender and an arm slid down and was
prematurely stopped in it's path by Phil's feet. Phil bent down and
picked up Tara's limp and ripped left arm, the wedding and engagement
rings still on the ring finger of the hand. Rufus fainted.
Phil gently woke his son up..
"Rufus..Rufus..it's dad...i need you to wake up."
The calmness in Phil's Voice awoke him
The first thing he saw almost made him faint again
"Stay with me son..I need you to get this back to the dwarf ASAP.."
"He's right behind you dad.." he replied, not being able to help
himself, the Febuggure Gene for a crap pun coming to the fore even now.
Despite himself as well, Phil smiled.
"Son I'm serious...Right now..tkae this back to the dwarf..stick it in
the statis pods..a nything..I'll need it intact."
Phil ripped his shirt off, reavealing what he hoped was a manly chest,
but really could do with a bit of a work out and a shave.
Wrapping Tara's arm in the shirt he gave the ..package to Rufus..
"take the midget with you...I dont want any of you to see what i'm
about to do..."
"What's that dad...oh..."
Phil had from a pocket pulled out two things.
The first was a small flask of Keto's medical ethanol..99% proof...
The second, was what can best be describbed as a modified stun gun.
Rufus regonised is as somethig that caused a LOT of pain to who was
ever on the wrong end of it. It was something most security offers
could use, but gernally was only used on those criminals who were mega
viloent , or MP after a day trip to the Zoo
Necking the flask in one go,
Phil smiled a grin at his son
"Go get em dad...get them for what they did to mum.."
"tell your SISTER!" intoned the voice of one who knew with certantity
that Ragnarok, Armageddon and all the end times were about to be
visited on some creatures not far from here
Phil's eyes were so black with anger light was having trouble escaping.
<<tag someone who wants to deal with a unhinged pissed up Phil/Satan>>

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