Andy Roos- Dude, wheres my Midget?!

Who: Andy, Skutter, Rufus, Phil (?)
Where: Mollopod planet, Blender square
when: First blender activation +30 minutes
Mk10 and Rosette looked at each other and pushed past Seymour.
"Hey, what do you think you're- No. I said No! I forbid you to go get
my salt! I forbid you to start that engine. I forbid you to take this
Blue Midget off the ground."
Seymour sighed and sat down as the Blue Midget launched.
Andy fought through the crowd of slugs in an effort to get back to one
of his three Skutters and the female crew member he saw with her.
Between Bazookoid blasts and the occasional melee strikes he was
slowly but surely making progress. Although engaging and interesting
(not to mention somewhat fulfilling) at first, the consistent stream
of suicidal aliens was beginning to wear out the novelty. Fast.
A blue streak of laser roared only few inches away from him, nailing a
slug through the forehead. Though it effectively disintegrated the top
half of its torso anyway so the point was moot.
042 rolled out through the many half-melted slugs with a surprising
level of competence. The once night-black paint was now badly smeared
with all kinds of colours, many of the same hues Andy had seen while
cleaning the toilet floors of Parrett's bar after happy hour. The
robust laser cannon, roughly strapped to its tiny head, coughed up a
large plume of smoke. A small rope attached to the Skutter's jaws lead
up to the Cannon's trigger.
This robot was armed and dangerous.
"Oh-forty-too," Andy addressed the robot while continuing to deliver
blasts to the slowly dispersing crowd. "Where was that female crew
member I saw with you before?" 042 would have tipped his head to the
side, but that would more than likely flip the poor thing over. It
tapped out in Morse code `WENT WITH MK10'. "Mark ten… the security
robot? What's he doing down here?!" Andy snapped, not too sure why he
was yelling.
Suddenly 042 rammed the side of Andy's foot. "What the hell was
that-?!" The small robot began to wildly gesture towards the direction
of the blue midget.
Andy turned only to see the craft's back boosters warm up and the back
ramp retract. A lull of mere seconds and the midget's engines howled
to live with the resulting back-lash sending slugs either blaze,
flying or both.
All the cleaner could do was stand; staring slack jawed at his ride
flying off into the distance without him.
Andy summed it up in one word. "Crap…"
The calm in square was obvious and defiantly highlighted. Since the
start of the battle no more of the Blenders had been activated, rather
all had though in a way of getting free meal of the few that weren't
behind a giant glass barrier.
Now all eyes where firmly planted on the cleaner and the armed robot
that stood beside him.
Over three quarters of the population of the Mollopods had rolled up
for the ensuing feast. They had probably taken down a few thousand and
the stench was there, stinking worse than every armpit at a
weight-watcher convention. The ones that weren't dead were now staring
at Andy. They were pissed, and not the kind that entailed alcohol.
"Well…now what?" The cleaner asked the skutter tentatively. There were
a lot of things that Andy could think of that would look better under
this tombstone than `Mauled to death by flesh-eating slugs'. 042
gestured over to the blenders- much of the slug controllers had
abandoned it souly for the melee… if he left now.
"Right…the crew. No offence but I'm not an action hero. I can't run
and gun with 30 pounds of gun. Stand and shoot, sure, hold them off is
all good." 042 made a frustrated squeal then another Morse code was
tapped out. `COVER FIRE' "Covering fire? What for…" Andy was promptly
cut off by a kamikaze slug's wild screech.
That was that. Andy took off running towards the trapped crew… what
was left of them. Spears of laser fire tore the approaching slugs
apart. None got close enough to even splatter him.
However, after a clean 100 metres the support fire ceased. Andy didn't
need to look back to know what had happened to one of his only friends
aboard the Blue dwarf. He only clenched his teeth, bit back tears and
continued his charge forward.
As Andy began to approach the blenders, he realised that freeing the
crew right now would do little more than condemn them to death via
eaten alive.
Fortunately for the cleaner, the choice was pretty much taken out of
his hands when the approached the centre of the square.
…Where something every weird was happening…
A blonde headed teenager stood away from a doubled over Blue-Dwarf
officer. The cleaner could see their lips moving but the raging mob
snapping at his heels weren't helping. Good thing slugs didn't have
legs or they would've run him down by now.
Suddenly, the blonde-haired, blue eyed boy turned to Andy. A
melancholy was plastered over his face. It was the same kind of peace
that Andy had when someone just vomited on his newly clean floor. Then
he proceeded to wipe it up and return it to its owner's bed-sheets.
"Hey!! You two, get behind me." Andy yelled as soon as the pair got
into earshot. "Maybe we can kill enough of them for rest of the
security team to -." "-That won't be necessary." The buckled over man
growled darkly.
"…What? Look, we've got like 30 seconds before the slugs are on top of
us. Are you going to argue or fight?!" The Australian didn't really
have time for this. If he was going to die then he wanted to kill more
of them then they'd slaughtered the crew.
The man looked up at Andy, who flinched; the officer's eyes blacker
than the vacuum of space.
"Take…take my son… get him b-ACK to BlUe DWARF…."
"…Wh-what about the crew?" Andy asked meekly as the man's form began
to change. Finally the man began to stand, albeit shakily.
He opened his mouth wider than humanly possible and a roaring jet of
flame rocketed out of his mouth and exploded into the crowd. The
Hellfire sent boiling fluids and roasted slugs flying in all directions.
"…I WILL TAKE CARE THE CREW..." Although its tone was that of a
whisper, the sheer power behind the voice was one that shook the very
fabric of your being.
Andy between him and the large crater that used to be 50+ slugs and
decided chose life. "C'mon blondie, we're outta here!!" The cleaner's
hand snapped out to seize the teenager's wrist before running off in a
particularly large dispersion in the crowd.

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