The Fightback Begins

> "Guilty….your `bloodhound gang' we're more than happy to deceive
> too…"
> "STOP IT NOW!!!" Jayne screamed into the comm, she turned to Jay
> Dante, tears filling her eyes "I…I didn't know…honestly…they…they
> tricked me!! And I fell for it, AGAIN!!!"
> "We've got to stop them….." Dante said
> "It's too late…" Jayne said "They're already teleporting
> aboard…..we'll never get off the ship alive!"
<End Clip>
Who: Dante, Jayne and Jay
Where: Blue Dwarf lower sections
When: During the fights on the planet and the invasion of BD.
"Jay, we need to formulate a plan, we have the ship to defend and the
crew to save. I mean I am happy to do both it just depends what you
prefer a decent compliment of crew or a working ship?"
"Thanks for the offer Dante but we need a different plan! Holly,
Holly what's the status of the ship at the moment? Do we have onboard
defences and control?"
"HA... We haven't had control of the onboard defences since that
Nameless Science Dude messed with it, bloody paranoid git. And we
have lost control of the majority of the ship. The Bloodhound gang
are held up in the wormhole drive room. We have one hanger bay left,
the armoury, parts of security and the science labs."
"I take it NSD is on the surface or eaten." Dante said as he
approached the monitor displaying the old synthesized face of Holly.
"No… my scans show that he did not leave the ship with everyone else
but has since encrypted his location device to avoid detection."
"Okay" Jay was now scratching his head, "What is happening on the
"Well Andy the cleaner and a few surviving scutters are… hang on,
nope just Andy and now a very angry Phil is fighting back against the
Slugs. Good news the blenders have stopped working."
"Oh right good." Jay said absently,
"BLENDERS. WHAT BLENDERS!" Jay, Dante and Jayne almost spat over the
screen, well Dante did a little.
"Sorry about that." He said as he wiped it off Holly's face. Holly
explained how the robot things had come and teleported most of the
crew down to the planet's surface and into the blenders. And how a
few had escaped, and a fight back had began as the scutters and MK.10
had arrived. Jay turned round to find Dante tooled to the nines with
rifles, pistols, bazookoids, swords, knifes and a rubber
dildo. "Urrgh," Dante held the dildo my his fingers at arms reach and
through it back outside with a slight shudder.
"Where the hell did you get that from." Asked Jay
"Outside on the torture rack." The alien replied
"No not the weaponry the… thingy?" Jay pointed in disgust at the
possibly used toy which had been thrown out the door.
"Like I said on her torture rack." Dante and Jay looked at Jayne.
"Well sometimes it gets results!"
Dante's head poked round the door to hanger bay one, Jay's appeared
bellow his, and Jayne's bellow him. Inside there was two shuttles,
Dante's love bus, a pimped out 21 window VW campervan with rocket
boosters welded neatly to the side, and a Starbug. Also inside the
hanger were three slugs and two of the Bloodhound Gang.
"Right what's the plan Jay? I reckon I could take the all just let me
at them."
"Okay Dante off you go."
Dante walked round the corner plasma rifle in hand. He let off three
rounds and the slugs where down, slug slim coated the walls and the
closets of the two gelfs. They turned to see Dante slinging the rifle
back towards Jay. "Just in case." he added. The 7ft monster turned to
see the two cat gelfs that he had had problems with before.
"Hello boys, or is it girls can never tell with RATS." The two cats
hissed loudly at the alien giant before them, and pounced
simultaneously. The first landed on Dante' back the second which had
leapt higher met with a rather early grisly end as Dante connected
with a spinning heel kick while she was still in mid air. The cat
flew through the air and collided head first with spare wheel rack
against the wall, her neck broke and she landed on top of the floor
tyre rack and was speared through the chest. Jayne let out a small
wince well it rather gory. The second cat dug his claws into Dante's
back, who roared and his eyes flickered, changing from there usual
silvery grey colour to the red and yellow with what looked like
flames. Dante reached back with one of his mighty hands and grabbed
the cat's wrist, and twisting him and throwing him to the ground,
snapping his wrist in doing so. Dante drew his pistol and went to
point it at the cat. The cat fired his own pistol and shot the pistol
out of Dante's hand. The pistol slide towards Dante's love bus. Dante
watched it come to a stop at its wheel. He turned back grinning at
the cat. Faster than the bullet leaving the gun, Dante was next to
the cat and had snapped his neck as the cats second round bounced
harmlessly off the wall next to Jay and Jayne.
"Right Jay," Dante walked calm back towards his van, dusting off his
hands and picking up the pistol. He looked at Jayne; she noticed his
eyes change back to the strange silver. "What's the plan boss?" Dante
held the gaze of Jayne but addressed his superior Jay.
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