Seymour, Mk10 + Rosette - "Finding salt"

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Who: Mk10, Seymour and Rosette
Where: Blue Midget
When: A minute after the last post
The Blue Midget had bounded joyfully into the air and taken flight,
pointing upwards towards the blue speck in the sky.
Mk10 turned around to address Rosette and Seymour.
"We're gonna break atmo in about 4 minutes, and then it shouldn't be
more than 15 to get to the 'Dwarf. Then, dumping the salt from the
external hatch on the cargo desk should envelop most of the planet.
About half an hour in all. I hope those guys can hold out that long."
"And *I* hope you realise what an immeasurable travesty you're about
to commit." said Seymour, crossing his arms grumpily.
"It's salt, Seymour." said Mk10.
"But it's MINE. And what's more, the restaurant needs it. Salt is one
of the most ancient and important ingredients in the history of fine
dining." Seymour ranted. "Without salt, the crew could starve!"
"What about the curry place 4-stores down?" Said Mk10.
Seymour turned his nose up and made a sound to further clarify his
disgust. "I refuse to acknowledge that...establishment."
"What other choice is there?" Butted in Rosette. "We need salt for the
plan. And I think this plan is a good idea. We know the slugs react
badly to salt, look at the one I threw salt on, it practically melted."
"Other choice, there are plenty of other choices!" Seymour said
boldly, then started looking around for ideas. His eyes fixed on the
windscreen. "Look!"
"That floating MacDonalds." He said, pointing to one of the fat slug's
attack ships, branded with the golden arches.
"No." said Mk10.
"I'm not parking."
"Use the drive-through!" Seymour said, still pointing.
"It's too long." Mkl0 said adamantly.
"It's only 4 ships!"
"Yeah, but I bet they're full of screaming kids carrying on like a
second-hand lawn mower about which toy they got in their bloody happy
meals." Mk10 said bitterly. Seymour bobbed his head from side to side,
he did agree with Mk10. McDonalds to Seymour was one of the worst
places to be, and he couldn't believe he was urging them to go there,
but at least it was a place he didn't mind breaking into and robbing.
"But my salt!" Seymour said.
"We're already through the atmosphere."
"Please!" whined Seymour
"I'm not turning around."
"We've missed the turn-off."
Seymour made a loud harrumphing sound and went into the back section
to read his book. After ten minutes Rosette heard a soft cry from the
back. "Nooo- Mister Darcy you're far too good for her!"
Rosette rolled her eyes. "We're almost there!" She called back.
Mk10 edged the small shuttle closer and closer to the Blue Dwarf.
"This is odd... usually the doors have opened by now." said the robot.
"Try contacting them."
Rosette pressed a few buttons and held the headphone up to her ear.
"Nothing. It's dead quiet."
The Blue Midget crawled to a stop, only about two metres away from the
gigantic solid metal doors. The dirty exterior of their home looked
cold and unwelcoming.
"So, sorry to bring this up chaps, but maybe my idea was better."
Seymour gloated.
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