A Tribute to Dean Thomas

<OOC - Posted on behalf of SMAndy/Rosette, who is having internet
May the spirit of Dean Thomas live on within all of us, every time we
crash, or have a toastie.
Who: Rosette, Seymour, Mk.10 and anyone else that was in the blue
blue midget with them.
Where: in aforementioned Bue midget, just outside the Blue Dwarf.
When: tagged from onion & reuben's post, that was tagged to me.
"SO uhh... how do we get in?" asked Rosette, not knowing much about
the workings of the 'Dwarf yet. Mk.10 turned to face her. "I'm open
to suggestions..."
Seymour looked at them both and smiled. "I guess this means my salt
is safe then!" he said gleefully, almost rubbing his hands together.
Rosette smacked him on the side of his head.
"so you'd rather half of the crew get eaten than lose your precious
salt?" Rosette asked, dumbfounded at seymours complete lack of common
"That salt was expensive!" he almost shouted at her, honestly not
caring about most of the crew.
The three of them sat there for a few minutes in silence, Rosette and
Mk.10 pushed buttons to try and make contact with the 'Dwarf, with
seymour doing his best to push the buttons that would stop them from
making contact. Rosette smacked him again, making him fall off his
chair, this time with a hand-print on the side of his face. He
rolled a bit, and smashed through a piece of glass with his foot.
This only further aggrivated him as he got up, and tried to slap
Rosette back. Being more built for combat, she ducked it easily, and
dived at him, forcing him to the ground again.
Mk.10 sighed as best a robot could, and turned to break them up,
Soon, they were ar arms length from each other, tied into chairs.
"let me go!" Seymour demanded, "that woman is a menace!!!" he
screamed, trying to break free of his bonds. Rosette just smirked
back, "I'M a menace?!" she shouted, "YOU'RE the one who won't
sacrifice some SALT to save the crew!"
Mk.10 sighed again. "I have an idea." he said, trying to break the
argument. "We can break in through the arboretum windows." he added,
seeing it as the only window big enough to take the entire midget.
A few seconds of silence followed, Rosette smiled, and was about to
say something, when Seymour cut in.
"What's a Toastie?" he asked. Rosette and Mk.10 turned to face him,
and almost laughed.
"its a name for a toasted sandwich.. why?" Rosette asked, confused as
to where that came from.
"because i have a strange feeling i should be eating one about
now..." Seymour replied.
Mk.10, Rosette and Seymour all looked out of the front window
simultaneously, almost seeing a ghostly image of the Raven flying
towards the drive room, and smashing into it.
"What the hell was that?" Rosette asked, not sure if she'd really
seen it, and not knowing what it was if she had.
"That... was the Raven, Dean's ship..." he said, being the only one
here that had really spoken to him at all. Seymour was too posh to
speak with the pilots, and Rosette hadn't had a chance to meet him
before his death...
Mk.10 Saluted. "Dean. This is for you." he said, powering up the
engines, flying straight to the top of the ship, where the
observation deck sat, just down the ship from there, another large
window sat, an opening into the Arboretum, a section of the ship that
should've been a well looked after garden, but has since overgrown
into a paradise for extinct creatures.
"Here we go!" Mk.10 yelled, as the small Blue Midget smashed through
the glass, the emergency forcefields taking effect as soon as they
were through.
Mk.10's single red eye flickered back to life, as he regained his
bearings, and stood up. The front window of the Midget had also
smashed, parts of the ship were buckled, and both of the legs had
been torn off in the impact. He looked around, and soon found
Rosette floating face up in a pond, and Seymour lying face down in a
patch of thick mud.
He laughed.
Rosette spluttered back to life as she was dragged out of the pond,
and got out herself, though dripping wet. Trying to evade the
feeling of being in a wet t-shirt competition, she covered herself up
as best she could, and laughed along with Mk.10 as she saw Seymour
get up, and wipe the mud from his face.
"My Suit!!" he yelled, even though it had been ruined many times
today already, by baby vomit, and slug-juice mixed together. He
still felt the need to emphasise how expensive his clothing was.
"This suit was expensive! and its ruined!!" he yelled, marching over
to Mk.10. "Can't you crash a bit more... carefully?!?" he continued
to yell.
"We made it into the ship didn't we?" he asked, after Seymour had
finished yelling.
"But... we're not alone..." Rosette added, looking over to the tree-
line, where a strange looking creature stared back at them. "Is
that..." she began, but was cut off as it charged towards them, a
large mouth filled with sharp pointy teeth opened towards them as it
moved. The three scattered, diving towards the Midget, in hopes of
finding some kind of weapon to fight the dinosaurs off with.
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