Justin's Mental Examination

Nikki Baines and Justin Pancake
In Nikki’s office - Blue Dwarf Prime
An hour after the reactor room confrontation and Justin’s unlucky encounter with
1000 volts of direct current (and a change of underwear).
A message flashed up on Nikki’s computer as
she walked into her office, after leaving 19 screaming at her for shouting
those dreaded words at him. She sat down and opened the ‘URGENT’ message.
‘Please hurry, Justin Pancake delusional and homicidal. Several people
killed.  Report to secure psychiatric
unit immediately.’ Nikki sighed she had arrived on this damn ship at 08:00 and
by 01:00 in the morning she still hadn’t slept. 
She got into the express lift and travelled to the unit.
Justin was a mess. He was shaking, almost
sobbing attempting to claim his innocence. Nikki walked in sat down across from
him. She dismissed the guards as pancake A. Looked harmless and B. He was
handcuffed. Nikki sat there for a while listening to his protests of innocence
and intermittent sobbing. Then she thought that she should start the session, but
the question was how do you engage a suspected homicidal psychopath in
‘Hi’ was about the best her
brain could come up with and he almost responded to it. All that Nikki heard
was a mumbled noise that sort of sounded like a strangled ‘Hello’. She analysed
him for a split second further observing his body movements his overall
demeanour, before opening the file that had literally just been compiled of all
the crimes he was suspected of. She started with the standard opening ‘So
Justin, tell me how you are’. He gave her a look of amazed confusion ‘How do
you think I am?! I am sat in a small room handcuffed after being blamed for
murders I don’t remember committing and I sure as hell wouldn’t have usually
done. And after all that stress I
have been tasered and generally beaten up, oh and don’t let me forget that I’ve
been restrained before this and almost killed by toxic gas I was blamed for. So I’m pretty much smegged off. You?’ He grew
more enraged and stopped shaking at this point, he even stopped sobbing by
focusing all his anger at Nikki.
‘Look it was the wrong question. Standard procedures,
Justin tell me what happened through your perspective.’ Justin reeled off the
list of horrible events that had occurred in his ordeal. He was unaware that
Nikki had set up a scanner field to monitor his reactions. She picked up the
trick off of her mentor in university; he called it the honest polygraph (to
call on an ancient lie detecting technique). When Justin had finished Nikki
left the room to get the results.
There was a strange reading on the print
out but before she had a chance to review it Justin had come through the door
and wrapped his arms around her neck using his cuffs as a weapon. Nikki clawed
at his arms struggling to get him off but he was so much stronger than she was.
She tried to scream and although the noise that she managed to produce was
pitiful to say the least it attracted the guard’s attention. He waddled over,
picked Pancake up and practically threw him into his cell. Nikki composed herself
and sat down on the bench opposite Justin’s, now secure, holding cell. With her
head in her hands she regained her breath and picked up the readings. At the
time of the attack, instead of one line there were two indicating more than one
She walked over to Justin’s cell and looked
at him now secured to a large beam on the wall. She walked in trying her best
to not look apprehensive. She sat down and attempted to act like nothing had
happened. ‘Justin why did you attack me just then?’  He stared blankly at her. ‘I didn’t. I was
sat here waiting. I couldn’t have gone anywhere there’s a guard out there!’
Nikki wasn’t having any of it. She described the attack to Justin who looked
mortified at his own actions. He apologised but Nikki wasn’t finished she asked
him if he had ever been in psychiatric care before. ‘No! Why would you ask
that. I’M SANE!’ he objected obviously frustrated by the situation he found
himself in.
‘Justin whilst you attacked me another
reading showed up on your read out.’ He looked at her blankly ‘Read out?? Oh never
mind what do you mean?!’ She looked him intently in the eye ‘Justin you are not
in control when you attack people. It isn’t you.’ Justin looked at her
indignantly ‘What am I supposed to do about it then? Get beaten up for
something I didn’t do, tasered, tied up, shot at?’ ‘I
can’t help you when you’re like this; I suggest you get a good nights sleep and
just rest until I can find out what’s wrong. Oh and please try not to come and
kill me in my sleep, you need my help remember.’ Nikki turned to leave
obviously distressed by the night’s events. As she left she noticed the guard
watching her.
She arrived at her quarters, and then
decided to find 19.He at least made her feel safe. She couldn’t find him but
she did find herself hoping that he was ok. She was really shaken by Justin’s
attack she didn’t want 19 to find this out but she liked him around. No doubt
that he would find out, he was so, so interesting and strange. Nikki wandered
back to her quarters and settled down in bed. Her thoughts wandered to Justin
and if she was right could save him. Maybe. Then as she fell further into sleep
she dreamed of 19 saving her that night instead of the guard. She wished that
he could be around more. She was so lonely on this ship.Get the best wallpapers on the Web – FREE. Click here!

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