Wolfgang Sweetsly Whatever next

Who: Robin Hood
When: Addressing the majority of the Blue Dwarf Crew
A whistling noise was heard from somewhere in the trees. "EVERYBODY! DOWN!"
Yelled Harris and the crew ducked, the trees were suddenly lined with arrows.
One crew member was less lucky and fell to the ground next to Jay, an arrow
sticking out of his chest.
"HOLD YOUR FIRE!!!" Jay yelled, raising a hand "WE'RE NOT YOUR ENEMY!!"
"You're no friend sir!" came a voice in reply "Therefore you can only BE an
"No, you don't understand! We're just..lost! We're…travellers from a foreign
land! We lost our bearings, that's all!"
"..sir..I have a target…" Harris whispered, he was holding a rifle and looking
through the scope "I can take him out.."
"And how will that help? If his men don't kill us afterward then we'll branded
as witches and hunted down until there is none of us left."
"What can they do? There armed with swords and bows, we have guns!"
"We don't know how many there are! Plus, they know the forest better than us! We
wouldn't stand a chance!" Jay got to his feet and walked toward the trees. "My
name is Jay Chrysler! OF Chrysler!" he corrected "All we want is to get home,
can you help us?"
"Why should I trust you?" came back the voice.
"Well…what can I do to convince you?"
"Well…how about you do something for me?"
"I'm listening…."
Robin Hood stood staring at Jay, a wry smile spreading across his face, and with a mysterious glint in his eye he pro-posed to the blue dwarf Crew and revealed to them his scheme.
"What I want you to do for me is this" he said, "there is some kind of strange beast in a valley located to the south west, I have reason to believe it may be some kind of Dragon".
"However none of my men have really been able to get close enough to support this theory apart from the tremendous amount of flaming death that seems to engulf anyone who seems to go near the entrance of the valley".
"I wish for you to find this beast and slay it, this will then allow people who live in this area of the land to travel back and forth once again to the next area, and communicate with family members, et cetera, et cetera".
When Robin Hood had finished speaking, he stood in a rather nonchalant manner and folded his arms waiting for a response.
Wolfgang Sweetsly was only half listening to Robin Hood. "The Captain's behaviour has been very strange," he remarked to the photograph of Hasselhoff in his wallet, "he probably has very high blood pressure and his demeanour is clearly borderline demented. There's something else which I can't quite put my finger on."
So perhaps Wolfgang thought that the Captain should sit down and have a nice cup of herbal tea.
Wolfgang then stepped across to Rufus and took baby Alota from his arms into his own.
Just then Wolfgang had noticed she had started doing something rather strange with her hands as some kind of strange energy vortex was appearing between them.
Wolfgang opened his eyes in surprise and was just about to say something when there was a bright light and he and Alota vanished into thin air.
Moments later they appeared in a small stone room of some kind, which had a small wooden seat with a hole in it and had a door which was ornately decorated nearby.
As Wolfgang dematerialised under bright light started to dissipate from his vision, he wondered if he was dead and then thought was he in heaven, but he could not see David Hasselhoff anywhere decided that he was evidently all right and that he was not in heaven after all.
As his vision came into focus, and he peed around the small stone room which he now found himself in.
He looked down at baby Alota muttering `'what a strange baby you are'' and he then noticed here someone singing and it sounded like a female voice, and he could hear the splashing water coming from somewhere.
Thinking for a moment he surmised that somebody was probably taking a bath, and whoever is singing was certainly no David Hasselhoff, he then stepped quietly towards a door in the room that he was in which was that was slightly ajar and peeked through the gap.

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