Jayne + Micky - (insert clever title)

Who: Jayne, Micky, new Jayne, new Micky
Where: new Mickys quarters on board the alternate dimesions Blue Dwarf
When: Directly after the snip
Micky stood up, looking sleepy, in pain and slightly hung over. He turned around to face Jayne with a look of bewilderment on his face.
"How did you get into my quarters?!" He was still rubbing his head with a look of confusion. "I just had one hell of a dream!"
"It wasn't a dream Micky." Jayne said with a look of fury. "You're lucky there's a child in the room or I would have murdered you by now."
Micky knew she meant every word by the look in her eyes. "It wasn't a dream was it?"
The doors to Mickys quarters slid open and Micky walked in.
Both Jayne and our Micky looked at the new Micky stood in the doorway. A giddy Jayne stumbled in.
"I can't believe we're finally doing this!" She let off a cheeky laugh and stroked new Mickys face before realising there were two more people and a baby in the room.
Jayne looked down at baby Alota with panic and disbelief in her eyes. "This isn't our Dwarf is it?"
Alota just looked up at Jayne and giggled.
There was another blue flash and Alota was gone, almost as if she had been pulled away without warning.
"Wait!" Called Jayne at the spot where baby Alota used to be. "You left us here!" Jayne realised she was standing on a ship just like her own, in an alternate dimension, with no way of getting home.
new Micky stepped further into the room and the door slid shut behind him with a hiss.
"How did you get here?" He walked over to Micky with a look of confusion and fear. "You look just like me, only..." He looked down at the robotic arm Micky was sporting and then looked over to new Jayne and her shiny metal robotic arm. "You're scruffy and smell a bit too."
"There's two of you?!" Asked new Jayne, obviously drunk. "I like the thought of that!" She took a small flask out of her boot and had a swig. She saw Micky looking over at what she was drinking curiously and tossed it over to him. "Help yourself." She said with a wink.
"So you are telling me that you have a Seymour Niples here, and that he has a daughter too?!" Jayne and new Micky were sat at the table trying to figure out how to get our Jayne and Micky back home.
"Yes, but she isn't a baby. Far from it now actually. We certainly don't end up having to look after a random child that appears from nowhere anymore! Maybe she will know how to get you home!" new Micky stood up and walked toward the door, off in search of Seymour and his daughter. Jayne followed, leaving new Jayne and Micky sat giggling in a drunken state on the lower bunk.
new Micky and Jayne walked to the far end of the promenade, further than the sleezy strip bars and run down pubs, where the derelict shops and clubs led to poorly lit back alleys and dumpsters long forgotten about.
"Seymour? Are you here?" new Micky asked the darkness.
"Why are we down here? The royal ambassador isn't going to be seen dead in a place like this." Jayne was confused. She spun around when she heard his voice behind her.
"I used to be royal ambassador." new Seymour told her. He was wearing a long brown jacket with various stains covering everything but his feet, which had one shoe missing and, as far as she could tell by the bare toe poking from the front of the lone sneaker, only one sock as well. "The queen threw me out of my job when I tried to explain about my wife and daughter. They said alternate dimensions don't exist!"
"I'm from an alternate dimension! Your, our Seymour's, daughter brought us here. Alota."
"Ah, yes. Alota!" Seymour turned and started to walk further into the alley. "Where are you, child?"
Jayne found herself seeing a resemblance between the baby Alota of her world and the teenage Alota of this world, of course, they were the same person, just from different realities. And of different ages. The Alota from this reality had spent her time growing up in this grubby alley with her Father, so she wasn't exactly well dressed or cleaned. In fact, Jayne wondered if her matted hair had ever been brushed. Even so, she was the most pleasant and helpful person Jayne had ever met on any Blue Dwarf.
"I can probably pick up the wormhole residue left over and re-ignite it. That should take you near to the time and place your Alota went to from here." The small teenage girl sat in front of Jayne and new Micky cross legged like you would expect a child to sit. "I've become quite good at that recently!" She stood up in the dark alley and gave new Seymour a quick hug. "See you soon, Daddy, I'll be back for tea!"
With that, new Micky, Jayne and teenage Alota set off back up the promenade, past the sleazy strip clubs, the mafia run whore houses, Parrott's bar, a couple of giga-markets and numerous smelly, rough pubs and bars.
Once inside the elevator, teenage Alota turned to Jayne.
"In your dimension, do me and Dad live in an alley?" This appeared to catch Jayne off guard. She had no idea what to say. Did she tell her no and risk her hating her life here over what she could have had, or did she lie to her? Thankfully the lift stopped at their floor and the doors opened.
"Oops! We're here! best get moving, don't want to waste any time, we need to get home!" Jayne dashed out the door quickly, sidestepping the question. It didn't take her long to march down the corridor to new Mickys quarters. "So, all we need to do is get back home then I can find out what the hell is going on and sort out this problem with the Hymo-" She was cut off by what she saw when she walked in the room and stopped dead in the doorway. teenage Alota poked her head round the side of Jayne to have a look at what stopped her. Jayne covered the youngsters eyes and backed out of the room. The door slid shut and Jayne shouted through it. "Get dressed and get out here now!"
A few quick seconds later a ruffled looking Micky and new Jayne stepped out of the room, still pulling on their clothes. Both had a rather sheepish look on their face. Micky opened his mouth to speak, but Jayne interrupted him.
"Don't bother saying anything." She was bright red with rage, Micky knew he would have to work hard to redeem himself this time. She shoved past him into the room, the others followed, teenage Alota looking around as if to try and find something.
"What's she doing?" asked Micky. "And who is she?"
"This is Alota, Micky. She's going to help us get home."
teenage Alota looked around, but didn't seem to find what she wanted. Without saying a word she walked out of the room and down the corridor toward the back of the ship.
"Come with me!" She called back. "The ship is moving, but the wormhole mouth will be in the same position in space. Hopefully we haven't left it behind, or you are here for good!" The others quickly caught up with teenage Alota and her short legs.
Micky gave Jayne a nudge with his elbow and signalled down with a grin towards teenage Alota's bum. Jayne, without looking down was disgusted with him.
"Micky! You sick fu...!!"
"NO!" He cut her off before she could think any more about it. "She has a tail!"
"Oh!.." Jayne looked down and saw that she did. "That's weird."
teenage Alota stopped dead in her tracks and tucked the fluffy white tail back into her jeans. She obviously hadn't realised it was out and had a look of embarrasment on her face. Silently she carried on, ducking into a room just a few feet down.
"It's here!" She said, pointing at what the others could only describe as thin air.
"I don't see anything." new Jayne said first.
"Watch this!" teenage Alota told her and began waving her hands about in front of her. Blue sparks and a swirling vortex started to materialise, the mouth of a wormhole starting to form. "If I can just get hold of it.... I... might... a... ah.... ACHOO!" She sneezed so hard she fell over, the Blue swirling vortex whizzed forward away from her and through the walls, seeming to grow rapidly as it left the room.
"OH NO!" teenage Alota yelled.
"What happened?!" Jayne rushed over to Alot and knelt down so she could see into her eyes. "Alota! What is going to happen?!"
teenage Alota just stood there in shock, not knowing what she had just done, or the consequences it was about to have.
In the drive room of new Blue Dwarf, new Jay stood looking out the window with a look of horror on his face.
"Oh God! What do we do?! What do we do?!" He turned to one of the navigators, panicking. "Please tell me we aren't going in there! Where did it come from?! What do I do?! I can't handle this!" His eyes rolled back in his head and, to the relief of the staff in the Drive room, new Jay fainted.
new Blue Dwarf headed straight into the huge wormhole teenage Alota had created. The ship itself seemed to flex around the crew as they held on for dear life, the walls and floors undulating and shuddering. A bright blue flash passed through the ship as it emerged from the wormhole at the other side. The crew on board didn't know they were in another dimension, hundreds of years prior to their own time.
Seconds before, in the 12th century, there were many people across the midlands of middle aged England being arrested, threatened, questioned and scared by the locals. Jay Chrysler, his mother, Robin hood and the rest of the merry men and crew from Blue Dwarf heard a crackling sound as a blue cloud started forming, giving off sparks to look like electric blue lightning.
There was a massive boom in the sky overhead. It was loud on such a scale that it was heard around the globe, like thunder from the bum cheeks of God.
Everybody, from the peasants working hard within castle Boobage to Robin Hood and his Merry Men, looked up to see the six mile long Blue Ship emerge from the mouth of a wormhole. The noise from its engines tore through the land, its current speed and velocity looking almost out of control to the crew that saw it from the ground.
In the Drive Room new Jay was still unconscious, probably the only thing that saved his panicky, confidence lacking soul. The crew of new Blue Dwarf saw only one thing. The castle with which they were on a collision course.
"Five seconds to impact! Everybody brace yourselves!"
The giant blue space ship collided with one of the towers first, seeming to miniaturize the castle with its humungous size, then ploughed on, leaving a huge gouge in the ground is it hit the floor, breaking up into many pieces, all the size of small mountains, some disintigrating all together, others burying themselves deep underground. Some pieces even shot off skywards and were catapulted back out into space, to be lost in the deep cold black, left to forever float in nothingness.
Dust and dirt was thrown into the air for miles around the crash site although, luckily, no one on the outside of the ship was injured, but for the unfortunate crew on board, nobody could tell what had become of them.
<To be continued>

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