Jayne:- "Clonecting" with the others.....I know I know, they're gett

Who:- Jayne, Micky
Where:- Inside the wreck of the Blue Dwarf
When:- After the crash
"MICKY!" Yelled Jayne, she instantly regretted it as smoke and dust filled her lungs and she doubled over in a coughing fit. When she was finished, she tried again. "ANYBODY?"
She was straining to see in the smoke-filled cabin, which was now less of a cabin and more like the inside of a crushed drinks can. Jayne wasn't able to stand, the collapsed ceiling far too low for that and instead she crawled on all fours, picking her way through the debris. Her right leg was still clad in the metallic cast given to her by the Mollopods, incredibly, it was still intact.
Her hand found something soft, looking down, she could just make it out in the light of one of the many fires that was burning. It was new-Jayne. She lay perfectly still, her eyes wide, but very dead. Jayne swallowed hard. Coming face to face with yourself shouldn't be so difficult for a clone, but Jayne, was as unique as anyone else. She was the only female clone of Jay, and so, was an individual in her own right. Ok, so she wasn't born in the same way as her comrades, but that didn't stop this from being a very surreal experience. She gazed her own dead eyes for a long minute, then sighed and passed her hand over her counterparts facing, closing her eyelids forever.
A rumbling shook the entire ship, and a loud creaking echoed along the devastated corridors.
"I need to get out of here…and fast…" Jayne mumbled, and she crawled out of what was left of the cabin door and into the hallway. To her left, the corridor was engulfed in flame, there was no way through. To her right, collapsed support struts and broken sections of bulkhead blocked the corridor. Jayne wondered if she'd managed to stumble into the only habitable section of the ship left by chance..
"Urgh…" came a voice. Jayne followed the groan, to the pile of rubble. "Hello?" she said "Is anyone there?"
"Jay…Jayne?" came a weak response
"Micky! You're alive!"
"You were worried about me!"
"Not for a second." Jayne snapped back "I'm smiling because you're in pain."
"Yeah, whatever, can you help me out of here…"
"Hold on…"
"I can't do much else…"
Jayne took a step back, she was able to stand in this section of the ship, at least, she could sort of…hunch…she gazed at the debris for a second, trying to work out where best to start, then shrugged, and using a broken off piece of titanium piping, began to lever off one of the larger chunks of bulkhead.
The ship rumbled again.
"What was that?" Micky asked. "It wasn't me…was it?" he sniffed the air. "No…definitely not me.."
"The ships collapsing in on itself" Jayne replied "IF we don't get out of here soon we…."
She never got to finish her sentence, as she spoke, the floor beneath them collapsed, sending her and Mickey plummeting downward through the deckplate.
They landed hard on the floor of the deck below and rolled aside quickly as a shower of debris followed, smashing into the ground. The deckplates creaked for a second, then it's support columns collapsed sending half of the deck downward into a steep slope. Micky and Jayne tried to hold onto something, but couldn't, and they both tumbled along the deck at breackneck speed.
"Look!" yelled Micky "Daylight!" Jayne looked ahead, sure enough, they were skidding toward a huge rupture in the hull plating, they reached the breach in no time, shooting out into the forest and landing hard on top of something.
"Talk about lucky!" Micky exclaimed "We even got a soft landing!"
"I SAY!" came a voice below them "Would you GET OFF ME!!" Jayne and Micky looked at each other, then at the soft ground.
"Hi Seymour!" Jayne said. "Good catch!"
<tag! Jayne and Micky are joining Lesters group!>

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