OOC - New Crewmember - "Oscar Pratt"

Hi everyone, I'd like you to meet new member Gary Keenan who will be playing "Oscar Pratt", an entertainer with a creepy ventrlloquist's dummy. You might be wondering how Oscar can join us right now in the middle of a story set in 12th Century England?
I'm sure he'll explain this himself, but I've stipulated that his character came aboard the parallel Blue Dwarf that crashed.
Character Name Oscar Pratt
Gender Male
Age 27
Species Human - from a parallel universe
Nationality Brittish
Department Civilian
Job Entertainer
Character's Physical Appearance
Baby-faced and clean shaven. Oscar hides his slick-back hair underneath a black top hat. Dressed in a smart black suit complete with red bow-tie, he not only looks the part but acts it. His rosy apple-cheeks give the impression that he is, or at least was at some point, related to a farmer. The ventriloquist doll he heaves around also shares the same appearance as him.
Character's Personality and Interests
Oscar isn't the kind of person you'd associate with being an entertainer. He tries to hide his shy and nervous disposition, but it shines through him, as if he were a piece of wet bog-roll. In fact it's safe to say, that his ventriloquist dummy, Charlie, has more of a stage presence than he does.
Character's history/background story
Oscar signed up to the JMC Blue Dwarf after reading about a job vacancy. It read: ENTERTAINERS WANTED FOR LONG SPACE JOURNEY, MUST BE TALENTED AND/OR FUNNY.
Oscar matched none of the above criteria, but since he was the only person to show up for the interview they gave him the job there and then.
Character's favourite phrases/sayings
"Say Charlie? What's grey and can't bend light?"
You can see Oscar's profile here: http://www.bluedwarf.co.uk/crew/civillians-misc/oscar-pratt

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