So what happened to Pancake?

Who: Justin Pancake
Where: Prison cell, Blue Dwarf
When: After he was brought back onboard
Justin's face hit the cold cell floor with such force that he thought he'd lost
a tooth. He howled in pain and tried to get to his feet but it was hard with his
hands tied behind his back. He felt someone untying his hands, and he moved into
the corner of the cell, watching as the door slammed shut.
Fury built up inside him. Fury for himself, and fury over those people who had
been interfering with his life, and giving him false hope.
"POTENTIAL!" He screamed at the top of his voice. "WHERE ARE YOU? SHOW YOURSELF
He stopped and gulped air. He felt his heart beating fast. "Why is this
happening? Why hasn't things gone the way they should? You promised. YOU
He stopped and waited for Potential to appear. But he didn't.
Who: Justin Pancake
Where: In the Starbeetle
When: 24 hours earlier
Justin had everything he wanted. He had a ship, a Hymenoptera ship, and after
waiting for so long, he could feel the Hymenoptera's hive mind. The spike
stabbed into his neck connected him to the ship, which connected him to the
Queen down on the planet.
"My Queen!" He said to her. And she responded. But she didn't respond in words,
or not any words Justin could understand. But she did respond with a feeling of
warmth. Justin felt happy, this was where he belonged.
But then things changed. He could feel the Queen getting scared. It seemed
unusual, he could feel the emotions of so many others, thousands upon thousands
of Hymenoptera communicating through the hive, he knew that the Queen never got
Then she was gone.
The death of the hive was an unusual thing, it felt so sudden. A sudden loss of
life on a grand scale. He felt the Starbeetle dying, around him it just stopped
being a living warm organic being and just became a cold lump of meat in space.
The spike in his head detached and Justin fell to the floor. The first thing he
did was vomit, the sensations were too alien for him to process. He'd just
experienced the death of an entire race in under a few seconds.
"Why?" He said, looking up through the ship's windows.
He'd been in the middle of a dogfight with Amber at the time the hive shut down.
He saw as she turned her Vespidae towards him, but she didn't fire.
She flew straight past.
"Hey, wait! Come back!" he said. "Come back for me. Save me!" He didn't even
realise the ridiculousness of what he was saying. Why would Amber save him? He
attacked her.
He watched as all JMC ships headed back to the Blue Dwarf apart from his. The
other Hymenoptera ships hung in space, floating lifelessly.
It was a few hours before Two Blue Midgets towed him back into the Flight deck.
When the door opened, he stumbled to the exit gantry where he saw a stern faced
Rosette glaring at him. She had a team of security grunts with her.
"Oh I wasn't expecting a welcome party!" He quipped, but Rosette wasn't smiling.
She punched him straight in the face.
Justin wanted to know what that was for, but he knew. He let the blood trickle
down his nose.
Disobaying Captains orders. Attempted murder of a fellow officer. Firing on a
friendly ship. Being a little shit. He was guilty of all these charges.
He was beaten more and then questioned about his involvement in the JMC's plot
to ally with the Hymenoptera and share technology. He was told that all half
Hymenoptera had dropped dead after the explosion, including Eckerslike. This was
a shock to him, even though it shouldn't have been.
They beat him some more. It looked like Rosette was enjoying it. Justin didn't
offer any resistance. He just let their fists connect to his jaw and let the
blood run freely down his face.
They read some things to him. His rights maybe? Then the tied his hands behind
his back and threw him into a cell. Literally throwing him to the ground. With
his hands behind his back he couldn't break the fall. His face hit the cold cell
floor with such force that he thought he'd lost a tooth.
<OOC does anyone want to visit Justin in jail? Maybe for revenge because he's
treated you like shit? Rosette what are you going to do with him now?>

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