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<snip>Castillo shrugged. "Zey shouldn't be zere. Ze JMC bought zat planet 10 years before zey colonised ze planet. It belongs to us!"All sides of the metal box unfolded, exposing a large missile with stubby robotic legs. The missile turned towards the open hangar bay door and stomped towards it, each step sending vibrations through the deck.
"We can't just let them die." Said Rosette. The missile launched, and headed towards the planet. After it had cleared the Blue Dwarf it split into twenty separate missiles, each with spinning drill-bits on the front. As they hit the planet's surface they burrowed deep inside, and straight through the tunnels and caves the people of New Buckingham had built for themselves. They continued until they reached the planet's core, sending hot magma up into the subterranean cities.

Rosette couldn't take it any more.  she moved over to the control panel, and started tapping at it, trying to get the missiles to abort.  Before she got anywhere near her objective, Castillo backhanded her in the face, with far more force than she should've been able to, given her frame, knocking Rosette off her feet.
"You'll kill thousands of innocent people!" she called as she got up, trying to get Castillo to see reason."Zis is treason." Castillo said, "Any more and I shall have you fired, and locked in the brig."
"I can't let you do this." she said, barging at Castillo with her good shoulder, knocking her away for long enough to hit the emergency stop on the rocket-drills."I knew I should have fired you when you let that alien almost activate it!" Castillo yelled as she also knocked rosette away.  She slammed shoulder first into the box that used to house the rockets, causing her to yell in pain as her broken collarbone impacted the metal.
"Luckily, I can reactivate it from here." Castillo said, using the chance to turn them back on.  Sparks flew all over her as a bullet from Rosette's gun tore the control panel a few new holes.Putting her gun away, Rosette looked determined to stop the new Captain.  Castillo stepped towards her, and Rosette put her gun away.  "I won't shoot you, but I won't let you kill innocent people."
"This is a mutiny." Castillo said, as she came face to face with the soon to be ex-security chief."Holly!" she called.  "Remove Rosette's security clearance, and prepare the brig."
It didn't take much for Rosette to succumb to the fiendish Captain.  a well placed punch knocked her out cold, and re-broke what had begun healing of her collarbone.  "At least I saved everyone on the planet..." Rosette said to herself in her unconcious state
She woke up again with a searing pain in her shoulder, but her environment had changed."The Captain said you're to stay here until the mission is over, then you'll be handed over to the JMC for your trial." the security guard that stood outside the brig cell said.
"I don't recognise you.. you're one of hers, aren't you?" Rosette asked, noticing his slight french accent.

<Tag.  anyone want to break her out?  anyone think Castillo is bad news and needs someone to lead the charge against her?>

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