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The ship-to-ship cannon labouriously swung to aim squarely into the entrance. A whine of power built to a hideous shriek. Clearly, this noise said, we're about to level anything not made of diamond.

A slender, elegant, silver rocket dropped screaming out of the sky and slammed with a deafening clang into the very end of the ship-to-ship cannon. The muzzle of the weapon was driven into the earth, tilting the Dropship along with it. Silence descended.


The Dropship's cannon fired into the rocky ground. The backwash sleeted along the barrel of the weapon, filling the ship with dazzling white light until it literally burst apart.

Still standing rigidly point-first into the ground the silver rocket gave a gentle groan, split down the middle and each side clattered dramatically to the floor.

Revealed within the remains of the rocket was a tall cylindrical scaffold stood about ten feet high. There was a rattling clank from within and parts of the scaffold opened to reveal racks, like a shop's display featuring mechanical gears, hydraulics and computer parts.

The open scaffold stood still for a moment, then from above an elaborate armature: a series of slender arms each tipped with different tools. The arms slid up and down the racks on geared mechanisms, selecting parts. Each part was delivered in sequence to the ground and assembled, piece by piece, part by part. A pair of slender legs, on which was perched a grey plastic sphere. Arms were mounted and screwed into place on elaborate shoulder mechanisms. Finally a weapon was placed into a clawed hand and with a twitch, the assembled droid came to life.

"What's going on here, then?" It had a gruff, but somehow musical accent born of the Welsh valleys and hills. The robot was essentially a ball with an eye, supported on spindly legs and waving spidery arms. It turned in a slow circle, taking in the wrecked drop ship, the scaffold from which it had just been created and the smoking building.

Kinatawowi from the other ship surrounded it cautiously, their weapons, as one, pointed at the robot's emerald eye.
"Greetings -Insert Owner's Name Here-" the robot intoned, "I am your new Kai series 9000 multi-purpose Droid, see? I'm here on -Insert Planet Name Here- to serve you as per the purchase agreement signed by -Insert Divadroid Representative's Name Here, aren't I?"

The Kinatawowi fired as one, enveloping the robot in a sphere of high-intensity energy. The Droid flailed manically then simply exploded, sending bits of chrome and plastic flying, leaving only a few smouldering pieces behind.

The Kinatawowi moved forwards to inspect the remains when the scaffold suddenly sprung back to life. The mechanical arms ran up and down the racks, selecting and putting parts together, assembling an identical robot. It stepped out of the shadow of the scaffolding, this time hefting the gun at the assembled Kinatawowi.

"Well -Insert Species Name Here-, you're not my owner then? Prepare to meet -Insert Deity Name Here!"

The spherical robot bounded forward, leaping over the heads of the gathered Kinatawowi warriors, firing downwards into their crowded hairy bodies. It killed three of them before it landed, whereupon the huge, fur covered creatures descended on its frail-looking form. Its weapon fired a few more times, taking a couple more of the warriors but there were simply too many. They ripped the small Droid limb-from-limb and crushed the pieces underfoot.

The scaffold whirred into life again, rapidly assembling a third droid. This time it held two guns in its skeletal claws.

"I'm thinking I've probably got more spares than you've got soliders," the new robot growled, "let's see who runs out first, shall we?"

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