Seymour - The new boss

Cass knew it was going to be almost impossible to establish what had really just happened to the base and whether or not they had actually succeeded in destroying it; but for all the loss of life, she hoped that they really had managed to do what they had set out to do, and this really was the end of the JMC
<end snip>

Who: Seymour Niples
Where: Blue Dwarf
When: After the JMC base was destroyed

Seymour was in bed when the video call came through. Holly had to shout to wake him from his slumber. Truth is, he hadn't slept easy, and had only just managed to doze off. He sat bolt upright when Holly shouted his name.
“Who is it calling at this hour?” Seymour grumbled, throwing off the duvet and lowered himself into his wheelchair.
“Dunno.” Holly replied. “But they call themselves the Jupiter Mining Coalition.”
“The Jupiter Mining Coa... what?!”
He stumbled into the living room of his apartment where the large TV turned into a two-way video. He pressed a button and yawned as it connected.
The eyes of twenty Admirals, Captains and high-classed dignitaries glared back at him yawning in his pyjamas.
“What's this about?” Seymour said, angry and confused.
“The JMC is no more.” Said the head speaker, an admiral with more medals on his chest than hairs on his head. “It was corrupt from the inside, and the Blue Dwarf was the only ship to stand up against it. For that... we apologise.” Said the Admiral.
“Ahh! I'm jolly glad you worked it out eventually!” Seymour said, with a hint of sarcasm. “It took you bloody long enough! Now can I go back to bed?”
“Seymour, this is important. We're reshaping the company.”
Seymour rubbed his eyes. “Well... that's jolly good. Just don't put any GELF in charge this time. Or anyone extremely right-wing for that matter.”
“Seymour, we need a new leader. Five out of seven of our cabinet have voted for YOU to be the new Director in charge of the JMC.”
Seymour hung his head and leaned back in his wheelchair.
“Seymour? Did you hear what we said?”
"Five voted for me? So it's five out of seven. That's a landslide!"
The Admiral and everyone else in the room looked confused.
Seymour pulled out his calculator. “That's.... over 70%!”
“Seymour... we need your answer! Do you want to be the new Director of the JMC?”
“70% that's... spiffing!”
Seymour started to daydream about the possibilities. As he did, the video link started to turn grainy.
“I'll accept!” He said enthusiastically. He paused for only a moment as he thought about his first order. “Tell all JMC ships to... to... search for the Red Dwarf.” He said with excitement.
“Sir?” The Admiral questioned him. “Why?”
“Because my daughter's on there. She's trapped. She trapped herself to save me, to save us. She deserves to be found!”
Seymour beamed with delight. “I want my daughter back!”
He continued smiling until the screen went to static. “Hello? Hello, did you get my orders? Did you hear me?”

He wheeled himself quickly up to the Drive Room, still in his pyjamas.

Things were exploding, the atmosphere was tense, and everyone was rushing around. “Captain, I was talking to... the connection failed...” He was distracted by what was going on. Amber was too busy to talk to him.
“Seymour can't you see we're being sucked through a giant wormhole into god knows where?”
“But I'm your boss now... I order you to-”
“Seymour, lets just concentrate on staying alive, yeah?”

But despite their efforts, Blue Dwarf entered the wormhole and was spat out on the opposite end of the galaxy at high speed.

<to be continued!>

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