*Action* - The end

Who: Kara, Justin
Where: Reactor core
When: While the Blue Dwarf was being sucked through the wormhole

Justin staggered backwards, his chest on fire with the holographic energy. Then he collapsed.
Kara just grinned, and set the explosive timer for 5 minutes, knowing that an explosion the size of the Blue Dwarf could destroy the JMC HQ at this distance, so waited until they were safely through the wormhole.
<end snip>

Justin looked up from the floor, he tried to reach out to Kara. He couldn't do anything to stop her.
“It looks like I win.” Said Kara.

Then she exploded.

The explosion rocked the main reactor and destroyed the walkway both holograms were stood on, and ruptured pipes feeding into the main reactor, causing an even larger explosion. Neither of the holograms survived, their hard light bees couldn't withstand that sort of explosion.
Kara had hoped for the explosion to destroy the main core, something which would have happened if Justin hadn't thought ahead. Before entering the room, he'd locked down the core without Kara knowing. Huge sheets of lead protected the Blue Dwarf's main lifesource... but it didn't make it impenetrable.
The drive plates around the main reactor cracked, and leaked deadly Cadmium II radiation throughout the ship.

Who: Amber & Seymour
Where: Drive room
When: Same time

In the Drive Room, Captain Amber Febuggure had a lot to deal with. The Blue Dwarf had been spat out into an unknown part of the galaxy, many millions of light years away from Earth. In fact, they weren't quite sure where they were.
“Can we get back to the wormhole before it closes?” Amber shouted at Efof who was at the Navigation computer. He, Cassandra and Davie had got back on a Starbug just before they were sucked through the wormhole.

It was the explosion of the main reactor that answered Amber's question. “I don't have any power at all!” Efof said, jabbing buttons to no avail. “We're dead in space!”

They all watched as the wormhole closed. Any hope that they could get back to Earth ended along with it.
“Can we open a new wormhole?” Amber asked.
Efof shook his head. “The Wormhole Drive has been destroyed. Burned out by creating a wormhole so massive.”
“What about... what about...” Amber was out of ideas.
“We has worse things to worry about!” Said Alfredo Gomez the Spanish engineer. “The Drive plates have cracked! Radiation leaking everywhere!”

Amber sat and buried her face in her hands. Everything was going wrong.
“Amber...” Seymour said quietly. “We're all going to die. What are your orders.”
“I thought you're my boss now, why don't you tell us what to do?” Amber snapped.
Seymour stood up. “Abandon ship! All hands, abandon ship!” He shouted into the ship's tannoy.

“No!” Amber yelled, pointing to the map of the ship, it showed areas affected with radiation. “The flight deck and all hangerbays are already heavily radiated.”
“Then what?!” Seymour asked.
Amber pointed to the stasis pods on deck 57. “We can get the crew here.”
“And go into stasis?”
She nodded, and double checked the map. It was the last area on the ship that would be affected by the radiation, but not forever. The radiation was creeping up on them fast.

The stasis deck was designed for emergency events like this. Separate sealed pods would allow the entire crew to remain in stasis, safe from any radiation for as long as needed.

The entire crew assembled here, and started sealing themselves into stasis pods. Seymour saw Cassandra messing with the computer on the wall. “What are you doing? Get into stasis now! We haven't got time!”
“Do you know how long we'll be in there for? How long before the radiation drops to a safe level?”
“I jolly well don't care... it's the only way we'll be safe.”
“I know. It's a really, really long time!” She said.

Seymour saw Rosette who was ushering people into the pods. He walked over. “People seem to be calm, no panicking which is good.”
Rosette nodded. “Yep. I told them I'd shoot anyone who wasn't in stasis in the next five minutes, to save them from the horrible death by Cadmium II.” She said. “It seemed to motivate some people!”
“Good work!” He turned to Dr Keto, who was reluctantly lugging an entire table of medical supplies and ointments with him.
“Doctor you can't take all those in there, they won't fit!”
“Do you know what Cadmium II does to my ointments?!”
“No. What?”
“I have absolutely no idea! But it won't be good for them! They might mutate... or-”
Seymour shook his head and pushed Keto into a stasis pod without his ointments. “Sorry Doctor.”

It didn't take long before the entire crew was in stasis, or most of them. Seymour didn't like to think about the ones who hadn't made it to the stasis deck in time.

Finally it was just him, Amber and Rosette. They looked around to see hundreds of faces frozen at the stasis windows.
“You know stasis isn't 100% reliable.” Amber said. “There's a chance we won't wake up.”
“Then it's been great working with you!” Seymour said and shook Amber's hand, then Rosette's.

As they each went into their own stasis booths, Seymour heard a computerised voice with a Welsh accent behind him. “This looks like a job for a Divadroid Series 9000 Multi-function Droid!” said KAI.
“Ah!” Seymour said. “Fantastic... you won't be affected by the radiation, so can you please look after the ship for a while?”
“Yes. Just steer us away from any disasters, fight off any intruders, fix any ruptured pipes... I'm sure it'll be jolly easy!”
“Erm... right.” Said KAI.

Seymour pushed himself into a stasis pod, and spun himself around. Then pressed a button to activate the pod. Freezing fog descended from the ceiling and time started to slow. The last words Seymour heard were:
“Thanks for using this JMC emergency stasis pod. Your onboard computer Holly will wake you when it is safe to do so. Sweet dreams.”

The entire of the Blue Dwarf's living crew were in stasis. Just as X-rays can't pass through lead, time could not penetrate their stasis field. So, although the crew still exist, they no longer existed in time, and for them time itself does not exist. They were no longer an event in space-time, and a non-event mass with a quantum probability of zero.

But none of this meant anything when Davie Jones was woken up 3 million years later by a bloody face being pressed up against his window yelling for help, and then being snatched away quickly.
The door slid open and Davie peered out. “That was quick, I only just went in.” He said, and looked around for the man who had cried for help, but couldn't be seen.

Davie looked around at the rows of hundreds of stasis pods, as the lights on each of them turned from blue to green, and the doors started to open.

“Holly is it safe?” Davie asked.
“What do you mean?” Came back Holly's voice.
“Has the radiation gone?”
“Oh yes. Radiation is finally back to safe levels.”
“Okay, so is it safe?”
“That's a separate question.” Holly replied.

<OOC – That's right, it's 3 million years later! Everyone is coming back out of stasis, but like Holly says, it might not be safe. I want everyone to stay together initially, and then venture out of the stasis deck carefully. After 3 million years, who knows what's lurking around outside, and how things might have changed! >

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