New character: Ryder Jones

Full Name: Ryder Jones
Gender: male
Age: 28
Group: Security
Species: human

Was a soldier for a small part of his life (2134-2136) before he joined the blue dwarf crew.
He was awarded a hero medal for holding off an unidentified alien hostile attack (not alone) on May the 5th 2136 shortly before finally resigning from the army.
Was a security Sergeant on blue dwarf but with no control over a squad of any kind but could issue orders to the lower ranks of the crew. Took orders from the many Captains and Commandos of the ship.Physical AppearanceBrown haired, brown eyed and a height of 5.6" with a devilish grin that usually is on his face. Not a very fit person, he still isn't much of a body builder at all, but he is quite strong and fast with no flab to prove it. Usually wears warm jackets and jeans and would be in uniform on missions and duty around the blue dwarf.Personality and Interestslikes computer games and liked Bazookoid target practice down in the small unused cargo bays of blue dwarf with his friends, specifically his best friend Jaykk (now dead along with the other unfortunate casualties) and the other security officers. To some he was considered to some crew members to be a smeg.

When authorized, favorite weapon of choice is the Bazookoid Mk 1HistoryBorn 2108 on earth. At school at the age of 12 he was given a sticker of achievement in the year 2120 for shooting his rampaging mutated PE teacher with a Bazookoid from the school's abandoned equipment armory.
Later on shortly after joining the voyage of blue dwarf he shot up through the ranks, until he became a sergeant. Although a security officer, he is a good pilot and knows his way around a ship. When the Cadmium II radiation crises occurred, knowing it was the only way to survive he went into stasis with the other quick- thinking remaining members of the crew.
Waking 3 million years later the small fraction of the massive crew including Sergeant Ryder Jones were left to explore the dangerous newly shaped blue dwarf until it reaches the safe- haven of planet Earth.Favourite Sayings"No soap no hope!"

"Don't move or I'll blow your smegging chops off!" 

"I'm only doing this because I have to. Sir..."

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