Upset Stomach

Phi stared at the unhygenic barbecue and then over at the pool of vomit that had congealed into a green gloopy mess. The rock it sat by shared some of the green stains. Davie was still hunched over, holding his stomach and looking a similar shade to the vomit puddle.

"How are you feeling Mr. Jones?" Phi asked, fumbling about in her pockets.

"Can't...quite...uhhhh," Davie managed. Another thick geyser of vomit arced from his stomach and splashed over a nearby tree.

Phi gagged silently as she watched the sick drip and fall from the bark. She couldn't stand vomit. The consistency, the smell, the contents; she had never been able to deal with it. Medical Training had been one of the most difficult things she'd ever had to deal with and she'd dreaded the days involving house calls. It was always nausea and vomiting. Always.

Phi smiled happily as her searching fingers located the small block of charcoal.

"Mr. Jones, if you'd be so kind as to eat this. Emergency nausea dampening medication." She held out the black cube as Davie turned to face her.

"I'm...not...starting a...." he vomited onto the floor in front of him. "Fire," he finished.

Phi closed her eyes and looked away from the fresh puddle mere centimetres from her feet.

"It will help. It's an old remedy."

Davie shrugged and began to munch on the charcoal. "Tastes like Parrott's toasted cheese sandwiches."

Phi turned away, swallowing hard and relaxing just a little. She didn't have to look at the sick anymore. It was no longer part of her remit. She looked over at the rest of the group who were staring at a strange looking creature.

"Just kill it and get it on the barbecue, come on chop chop!" Seymour demanded but Cassandra glared at him.

"We cant, it's adorable!"


"How many of those animals are on this island?" Phi asked. "I mean, how rare is rare and is there for definite no other food?"

"I'm not sure," replied Cassandra. She hit the scanner a little. "It's still calculating."

Phi hummed to herself, looking at the sky. "Well I'm not sure I can eat the little guy. I'm not a vegetarian by any means, but I just don't know if I can eat meat cooked by our jury rigged barbecue. Just thinking of the germs."

She stopped and scrunched up her face in disgust.

"Only as a last resort," she said.


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