Something to eat

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“We've got a beach and a ton of beer - lets go find us something to barbecue...”

<end snip>

They headed for the treelike, and started to search the island. The fading sun shone through the trees. Very soon they spotted a creature that looked a lot like a cow, large and mammalian with 6 hooved legs. Jay quickly dispatched the creature without much effort, and they took it to the beach to barbecue.

Seymour pulled out an old fashioned wooden deckchair that was in the hold for some reason and sat watching the sunset. He took out a white handkerchief, tying the corners and placed it on his head as a temporary sunhat.

"I don't want to get sunburn!" He said as Jay raised an eyebrow at his behaviour. The the others drank beer and helped butcher and cook the creature. It wasn't long before the meat was finished and Jay held out a burger on a stick towards Seymour.

"Can I have not on a plate please, we're not barbarians yet." He moaned.

"We don't have any plates, just take the meat."

"Any cutlery or do I just have to eat with my bare hands like an animal?"

"There's no cutlery either." Jay said. "Just take the meat".

Seymour skeptically nibbled on the meat, unsure about the flavour. "Well it won't win any culinary awards" he complained.

Before he finished the meat, Davie stood up and vomited. It wasn't just a normal vomit, it was a terrible vomit that lasted about 50 seconds, at high pressure like someone had forced a hosepipe up his arse and turned it to full pressure. The puke flew out of his mouth vertically, and when he realised himself that it wasn't going to stop, he turned around, making the jet of vomit pivot around him like a water fountain.

As the only doctor, Phi helped him, although wasn't impressed by the remaining spittle dripping from his lips. Some of the guys however were quite impressed, it was the most awesome vomit they'd ever seen. They clinked glasses to celebrate.

"I knew this food was bad" Seymour said. "You didn't cook it properly did you Chrysler? Have you even looked at the Delia Smith cookbook I bought you? I think not!"

Cassandra pulled out her Psi Scanner and checked the food. "It's got high levels of an unknown chemical." she explained.

"Why didn't you scan it BEFORE we ate?!" Seymour complained, rolling his eyes.

"I didn't want to waste the batteries."

The silence that followed was punctuated by the sound of Seymour's stomach rumbling.

"There must be something better to eat, maybe we'll find the 3 million year old ruins of a 5 star restaurant." his stomach rumbled again. "I'd even eat a Little Chef as long as Chrysler doesn't cook again."

"Okay well don't worry we can find something else." Jay said.

Cassandra shook her head. "No, there's nothing else we can eat, all animals here have the same unknown chemical. They'll all make us puke like the Exorcist over there." She pointed to Gomez. "No… wait. There's one kind of creature, a small mammal we can eat. They're rare but the scanner has found one on this island. Follow me".

They all followed Rosette to an upturned treetrunk which Whitewolf lifted put if the way revealing a nest containing one single creature. It was a chubby animal covered in fur, with a tuft of longer hair between two large puppydog eyes.

"Just kill it and get it on the barbecue, come on chop chop!" Seymour demanded but Cassandra glared at him. "We cant, it's adorable!"

<do we kill and eat the little scamp or leave him be?>

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