Justin's paradise

Legion stood and pointed to the door. “Let me show you to your rooms where you can freshen up before dinner.”
<end snip>

As Legion showed Phil his room, he looked down at what he held in his hand. It was a small metal object, Justin's light bee.
“Ahh, I see you carry a light bee for another crewman. Let me fix it, the more the merrier!”
Legion snatched the device before Phil could say “No hurry, he's an annoying tit anyway.”
Legion opened the light bee and pulled out some magnetic tape, stretching it between his fingers and looking at it in the light. “Ahh, it's already hard light, very good!” He bundled the tape back in, and also added a new chip before throwing it into the empty space next to Phil.

Justin appeared, the light bee now floating around in the centre of his body. “Where am I? Who's this guy and why's he wearing tight Lycra with his junk on show?”
Legion breathed in deeply and sighed with delight as an invisible cloud of personality floated into him from Justin.
“Hey man are you okay?” Phil asked Legion.
“Even better now your friend has arrived.” Legion said.
“Hear that buddy?” Justin said, putting and arm around Phil's neck and bringing him closer, giving him a nuggie. “We're friends aren't we?”
“Get off me!” Phil said. “Go terrorise some women, like you're used to.”
“Okay buddy!” Justin said, saluting with a big grin on his face, and walked away in search of Phi or Cass.
“Oh no. He's got a sex drive almost as high as that bloody midget!”

“Justin. This is your room.” Legion said, making the hologram turn on his heel. “I think it will be to your liking.”
“Okay boss- WOW!” Justin entered the room and felt his heart race. “Phil, come in here!” He said, giving Phil no option and dragging him inside.
“Look, a rotating bed with pillows shaped like boobies! And look at all these pornos...” He opened up a cupboard and another stack of dirty magazines fell all over him.

Legion stood in the doorway. “Also there is a cyberpark in the complex. You may go to any time-period of your choosing, and indulge any fantasy you wish, with any persons you desire."

Justin's mouth gaped open. “I'm in heaven, I don't ever want to leave!”

<OOC – Phil, what's your room like? Fancy going to the cyberpark?>

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