She's a Holo Girl, in a Holo World...

Justin, who had gone from hard light to soft light following the death of Jelena Markova, now found himself nursing a pain in his nether regions, a further hangover and a certain sense of humiliation.

Being the highest ranking hologram on the ship and occupying the role of Chief Engineer, it was time to get his own back on Jelena Markova for wrecking his day.

Being dead and unable to touch anything was a major life change for Jelena. She'd found out about her manner of death from Holly, which only made things worse. Actual decapitation would have been preferable, frankly.

She walked alone in one of the corridors, trying to come to terms with all of this. She'd had things planned, a good deal of it involving sex. Now, until she was hard light, it wouldn't be possible.

Suddenly, she found herself stopping suddenly and Justin appearing in front of her.

"You're a homewrecker", he said, "So, I'm going to make your virtual life a misery for the next 48 hours. It's a punishment for attacking a superior hologram too.

Holly's agreed and you have no control over your body".

Jelena looked down in horror. Her blue coveralls had vanished and she was now dressed in nothing but a skimpy white bikini.

"Time for a ten mile run!"

Jelena was powerless as she began to run through the ship...

<tag>Will Justin be reined in?</tag>

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