Herb search and retrieval objective X.

Jacky walked back to accomplish the task that was given to him. He returned to the doorway, and cracked the door open a little. He peeked inside. Nothing. He opened the door more to get a better look. Still, nothing. Where were the lizard men? It suddenly then occurred to him to take this opportunity to get the herb. Being a scientist, he felt especially qualified to identify the herb from any other plant. Then that feeling quickly disappeared as he remembered that he was NOT a scientist who studied plant-life in any form, and was only vaguely familiar with some chemistry, some technology, and mostly understood astronomy. He sighed, and tip-toed his way into the arboretum.

He saw all kinds of wonderful looking plants in there, and he almost forgot why he was there while he was prodding at them and examining them. There was one plant that had a remarkable shade of purple, and a short one that was orange and smelled like sawdust. He liked the smell of sawdust. He snapped back into his senses, and grabbed a nearby plant that was short, green, leafy, and had a white stem. "These must be the herbs." Jacky thought. "Even if they're not, they'll tell me so." He grabbed them from the ground, but stopped and scooped that orange plant into a plastic bag since it fascinated him so much.

Just as he was to return to the door, he looked back behind him. A bush shook. A twig snapped. He ran.

Inside the room, Seymour was waiting, and he looked very impatient. This likely had something to do with the long wait that Jacky had been responsible for. Jacky walked into the room, and tripped over his shoelaces. The herbs flew, conveniently, into Seymour's lap, while Jacky fell over for the second time today. Jacky got up quickly and puffed out his chest, awaiting Seymour's response.

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