Something bad brewing from an unsuspecting source.

Jacky left the room silently. He understood that his priorities were not straight with what he was about to do, but he decided to do it anyway. Why should he discuss things he wasn't involved with? They know what's going on far more than he does, even though they explained it to him. Besides, if they ever needed him to pilot this, or fix that, or do whatever they needed him to, they know where to find him. He left them a note on the door that read "gone out to get food."

He stopped in front of a cafeteria lunch dispenser.

"Chicken flavored Ramen soup." He requested. He'd always liked the taste of Ramen, and continued to eat it even though he didn't need to save money by eating it anymore, like in college.

Just after he brought his meal to the table, he began to feel very sick. Something smelled... different. He looked in his jacket, and there was the orange plant he found earlier. He had forgotten about it. He sniffed it, and promptly puked. He threw the plant on the table and tried to walk back to the room where the others were, but he collapsed, his thighs feeling very weak, brittle, and sore. He couldn't stand, it hurt so much. He tried to drag his body with his hands, but his arms lost almost all feeling. He tried to yell for help, but he feared that no one could hear him.

Jacky came to a startling realization: The plant was doing this to him, and he'd had it almost all the time he'd been around people. What if they had also gotten affected? He had to warn them-- he had to tell them! But he couldn't move, and his voice, he could tell was fading.

He pulled his vocal cords to their limit to say one thing to himself:
"I hope they got my note..."

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