You can't park that there!

Who: Jay, Phil, Katrina, Hoshi
Where: Floor 13, East wing of STCP HQ
When: While it's all kicking off back on the Dwarf.

Something had gone wrong with Hoshi's temporal shield and the Raven had been detected. It was only through Jay's expert flying skills that they'd managed to avoided being blasted out of the sky – and at the same time he had managed to pull off some trickery with igniting the plasma exhaust that made it look as though the Raven had been destroyed, using the flare from the explosion to mask the drop-ship just enough to slip within the STCP base’s defense perimeter.

Course, nothing was ever that easy, the Ravens thruster controls were damaged in the resultant shockwave and Jay found himself hurtling faster than he should be toward the bases’ shuttle bay, smashing through the bay doors and skidding, sideways across the landing strip. The Raven had rolled several times before coming to a rest against a bank of parked ‘Rewind’ class STCP fighters, leaked fuel trailing across the landing bay, which in turn caught fire, white-hot flames trailing back toward the downed drop-ship.

The foursome had managed to escape from the crash, with relatively minor injuries, cuts, bruises, Jay didn’t want to mention it but he thought he might have a broken wrist, but one thing was certain. They hadn’t managed to be as stealthy as they’d hoped.

Phil led the way across the deck toward a blast-door that led into the main station, it was rapidly closing. Yanking a pipe from the wall (it was a Thursday) he jammed it between the closing doors slowing their movement just enough to let the others through Katrina first, then Hoshi, Phil himself and lastly Jay, barely making it through before the pipe bent and the doors slammed shut. The telltale hiss of the shuttle bay decompressing on the other side of the now-sealed door was heard – a sure-fire fire suppression system.

“Well.” Said Jay “I can’t see any way we could have be more subtle…”
“We need to move…” Katrina said “Come on..Max will be this way.” She began running off down the corridor.
“Hold it!” Jay yelled, grabbing Katrinas arm instinctively with his left hand, and wincing slightly, yep, definitely broken.
“I know you wanna get Max back, but you can’t just go running off! They’ll know were here, we need to be on guard.”
She nodded, and she, and the three men drew weapons, and raised them to their shoulders. The group moved defensively, rotating as they moved to ensure all angles of approach were covered at all times as they headed through the maze like structure toward the medical labs where Max was being held.

“Wait…” Phil said as they passed a storage room. He opened the door and swung his gun around a few times. “Food supplies…we can’t waste the opportunity to stock up…” he whipped out his tablet AI, and skilfully hacked the STCP mainframe (it was much easier when you programmed most of it), accessing their teleporter, he beamed the food supplies back to the Blue Dwarf.
“You could hack into their teleporters at ANY TIME and yet you decided not to mention that when Captain Crash here was attempting to land?!” Katrina spluttered.
“Well…yeah..” Phil said “Did I not say?”
“Mr FeBuggure..” Hoshi, ever the voice of reason said “Can you teleport us directly to the medical lab?”
“S’pose so….” He said “Probably should have done that in the first place huh?”
“YOU THINK?!” Katrina squeaked
Phil began tapping the screen of his tablet once more, but before the teleporters could kick in the entire base shook, and the lights flickered once before going out entirely, along with every electrical device along the corridor.
“What the smeg was that?” Phil asked
Jay moved across the corridor to a window and looked up. “The ‘Dwarf…”
“what?” replied the other three
“It’s lodged in the side of the base, a few floors up, that moron Seymour must be pretending to be in charge again…”
“So now what?” Katrina asked
“Back to plan A…” Jay said “Come on…lets move…”

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