Making an entrance

Seymour stared out the window at the STCP's HQ. It was a structure built partially around the big crunch, all of the universe's mass crammed into one singular point in space. The base itself has many different types of architecture styles, influenced by every civilisation that ever had been. The STCP had all of time and space to choose from, presumably why they chose to make their base of operations at the very end of time.

There were no space ports on the base, and no obvious way to get in.

“So...” Seymour started. “If that unholy ball of material is the entire universe.... what are we in now?” He turned around to see Cass's desk empty. “Blast! Why do all the scientists leave when I have an interesting science question!”
He turned to Efof who quickly minimised the game of Bad Piggies on his computer, before looking up and shrugging. He thought for a moment, eventually speaking. “I thought the universe was saddle-shaped.”
Seymour blinked in shock. “Dear lord, Efof I think that is the most intelligent thing you have ever verbalised!”
“Cass told me that. I remember it because it reminds me of horsies!”

“Hmm.” Seymour looked back to the big crunch outside. “So, answer me this. If it contains all matter in the universe. It will be impossibly dense... So why aren't we being pulled in?”
Efof shrugged again. “It'll be the STCP won't it, they do some magic or something.”
“Efof there is no such thing as magic, only technology we can't comprehend.”

Seymour wheeled himself to Kong's console. Hmm, nothing. Then his eye caught a note taped to the door. He ordered Efof to get it for him. “Gone... get- GONE OUT TO GET FOOD? At a time like this? I think I'll be having severe words with Mr. Kong.” He glanced around the wrecked room - the lackeys would clear it up. “Efof!” He snapped his fingers.
“Yes?” Yuwan'Kar bounded over to him. “We're going to find Jacky. Come along.” Efof obediently wheeled him out of the room, leaving Justin and Jelena glaring at one another from across the wrecked drive room, under Holly's watchful eye.
<end snip>

Before the door had full closed, Justin jumped through (in projection mode) shouting to Seymour, who told Efof to hault his pushing, and spin him around using hand gestures first, but then verbally when Efof didn't understand.
“Seymour Seymour!” Justin cried.
“Will it hurt you to call me Mr Niples, just out of politeness?”
“Sorry Nipples. There's another ship coming. A big dark green one. Looks like an insect.”
Seymour felt a cold chill. He'd heard that before. He pointed forward, indicating Efof to take him back to the Drive Room. “Forward you fool!” He said when Efof didn't budge.

Efof pushed him as far as the large perspex window. “Alright, stop now. Seymour ordered, feeling like Efof would push him into the wall if he didn't say anything.
All of Seymour's fears had been realised. Outside was a Hymenoptera hive ship.
“They can bring anyone from any time or place.” Seymour said. “Including old enemies. BRACE FOR IMPACT!” He yelled as several pulses of glowing green energy slammed into the Blue Dwarf's hull from the Hymenoptera ship.

“They're laughing fighter bugs!” Efof said, looking at his computer screen, and then out of the window. Hundreds of smaller ships buzzed around the hive like wasps around a nest.
“Justin, Jelena... whosever is whom. Find the others and bring them up here, now! We need someone to control weapons, this will be a big fight... that we'll probably lose.”

They nodded and ran off, still squabbling, and Justin touching himself up.

Seymour bit his fingers, and the Blue Dwarf took another blast from the Hymenoptera. The insect fighters were gathering into a swarm and started moving together towards them.
“Mister Yuwan'Kar, I have an idea!”
Efof nodded and closed Bad Piggies on his computer.
“But it's risky.”
Efof nodded.
“Maybe too risky.”
“Efof nodded.
“Actually, maybe forget it.”
Efof loaded up Bad Piggies again.
“No, lets do it!” Seymour said, biting his nails. “Full speed towards the STCP HQ!”
“Err... you sure dude?” Said Efof.
“Yes do it!”
“Efof pressed some buttons and the ship started to move, not at a great speed, but enough to get them a lot closer to the base which loomed closer in the window.
“Okay stop now. Mister Yuwan'Kar? Mister Yuwan'Kar? Stop!”
Efof had returned to his game and wasn't paying attention.
“Efof, energency stop!!”
Efof quickly slammed all four arms down onto the keyboard, programming the emergency stop, but it was too late.

The Blue Dwarf's forward ramscoops slammed into the STCP base, one piercing the wall, and snapping one off. The momentum of the massive mining ship carried the ship crashing straight into the base, stopping only when the name “Blue Dwarf” was embedded into the base's brickwork.

Seymour had fallen out of his wheelchair for possibly the hundredth time today, and one the floor asked for a damage report.
“Don't really know.” Said Holly. “You've broken the damage report machine”.
“We'll be fine!” Said Efof chirpily. “We've crashed into loads of things before and we've always been fine!”
Somewhere int the nose of the Blue Dwarf was an explosion.
“...apart from whatever that was. That's probably broken.”

Behind them, the Hymenoptera ship vanished in a flash of time energy. Seymour turned to the rear window in the Drive room to look for it. “Hah! I knew it. The STCP can bring anyone here, but they can not control them. They didn't want the Hymenoptera to get anywhere near their base! Jolly good!”

The door to the Drive room opened, and Cass walked in, with her robot dragging Stevens by the scruff of his neck. “What the hell happened?”
“Ah! Glad you're here at last. I believe that is what is known as a Dean Thomas manoeuvre!” Seymour said proudly.
“Oh, before your time.”
Cass approached the front window, looking down at the nose cone. “Seymour you've wrecked the ship!”
“Oh, the old girl will be jolly fine. We can repair her.”
“Who? The team of engineers we have?”
“You mean, the 2 softlight holograms, and Alex?”
Seymour thought about this. “Ah yes... Mr Solvay will have his work cut out for him. Now excuse me, I have to check my collection of 2042 Bordeaux is unhamed...”
Cass placed a foot on his wheelchair stopping it from moving. “No way. Stevens has been talking.” She turned to the STCP prisoner. “Tell him what you told me.”
“Chrysler, Febuggure and Salter are on Floor 13, east wing.” Stevens said under duress.
“No, tell him the other thing.”
Stevens sighed and repeated in a bored tone. “The STCP won't stop at spacebattles. They'll bring more people to fight you, from across history. We don't have our own security, we just use everyone else's.”
“And...” Cass said.
“We sent an agent to Trebia in 218BC” He said.
“218BC? If my history serves...” Seymour said, rubbing his chin. “Hannibal?”

In the Blue Dwarf's nose cone, which was embedded deeply into the STCP's base, hundreds of Carthaginian troops dressed in battle armour rode on horses onto the Blue Dwarf, followed by several battle elephants.

First to arrive at the area was Davie Jones, who watched behind a pile of rubble, awaiting backup as the army marched from the STCP onto the Blue Dwarf unhindered, led by a Tunisian-looking guy raising his sword above his head.

<Can we stop the invaders and get to the base to rescue Jay and Phil?>

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