Quickly escaping the rats

OOC - It looked like Andy's last post beat mine by mere seconds, causing a slight anomaly of where Seymour and Jacky are, so here's a very short paragraph to explain why they're all still together.

“Why don't you stay here, and we'll check the explosion.” She said, leaving Seymour and Jacky. 
“Me... with him? But he's diseased!”
<end snip>

Seymour was so lost in thought that he drifted to sleep. As he shut his eyes he barely noticed the orange-eyed Jacky slump to the floor again.

He was awoken just a few minutes later by the sound of Jacky clapping his hands and making odd noises. “Shoo, shoo!” He said, waving his arms around.
“What on earth are you doing Mr Kong?”
“Those plague rats, they managed to chew through the door.” The goggled man said. Then looked oddly at Seymour. “Wake up with wood did ya?”
Seymour looked down at the blanket covering his crotch, and something was definitely standing to attention. Then it moved, causing them both to tense with shock.

Seymour whipped back the blanket, to see a rat nibbling on the stumps where his legs used to be. The small rodent had bitten through the healed scar where Dr Keto had sewn Seymour's skin together and was lapping up the exposed fleshy bits.
“Good lord, I'm going to be sick.” Seymour said, leaning to the side and going completely pale whilst Jacky shooed the filthy rodent away.

“Seymour, Seymour look!” Jacky said, pointing to the wound.
“Not a chance man, call for a Doctor! I don't care if it's STCP, or that lunatic Dr Keto. Wherever he is. But I'll bleed to death, not to mention the plague that I've most definitely now caught.” He started checking under his armpits for boils.

“No, look.” Jacky pointed to the wound which was healing already, and as they watched it fully sealed itself with less of a scar than before.
“Well I never!” Seymour said, astonished.
Jacky pointed to a device bolted to the ceiling which was casting a yellowish light onto them. “It's a nano health recoverer.” He said. “It's cured my weird disease too.” Jacky thrust his face uncomfortably close to Seymour just to show that his orange pupils were now back to normal. “It'll cure your plague too.”

Seymour nodded. “Well, there's no point waiting around here all day. We'd better catch up with Ms Jones and Mr Solvay.

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