The statis door slid open and Thomas Plisken strode out of the booth. He glanced around at his surrondings. The corridor was dusty and some of the wall panelings were falling off. The light was dim and most of the illumination came from the rythmic pulsing of some sparks from a broken conduit. Plisken stooped down and plucked up one of the fallen panels and held it close to the sparks. In a burst of light he read the word Deck. In another burst of light he saw that the rest of the panel was too badly scratched to read the deck number. He scratched his head and looked around. In 13 years on the ship he had never been away from deck 4, which housed the a large store of food. The other problem was that every hallway, corridor and Jefferies tubes all looked the same. Behind him came a hissing sound. Plisken turned around to where he thought the hissing was coming from. The side of the Statis Booth was letting out a jet of some kind of gas and it was slowly forming into a cloud that hung in the air like a bad joke. Plisken backed away from the cloud that was slowly getting larger and larger. Then another jet of gas plumed from the other side of the booth. Plisken felt the gas begining to choke him and he coughed vilonetly. He started to run. Any direction would do, just get away from the cloud of gas. Plisken pushed himself to run as more and more jets appeared from all the walls, the celling and the floor. But then, as he squinted through the fog, he could see the Xpress Lift. He pushed with all his might, his thighs burning. The Lift doors where wide open and Plisken quicked his pace. The Lift got closer and closer. The the ground dissapeared from underneath his feet. The ground rushed up to meet him and his ears filled with the sound of crunching bone and he felt blood run down to his mouth. He had broken his nose. Plsiken scrambled up and held a hand over his nose.
"Smegging Hell!" he shouted at the top of his voice. He picked himself up and staggered to the open doors and he punched the the keypad. The doors slid closed and locked the gas out. Plisken collapsed on to the seat and waited for the lift to start moving. But then an idea sprung to mind. The Drive Room. He had once been there when he was tacking part in the ship wide hide and seek championships. He punnched in the floor number and allowed the lift to take him there.

Several hours later, after watching My Darling Clementine and having his nose 'repaired' by the skutter that was on board, the doors slid open into the drive room deck. Plisken confidently strode out of the Lift but was stopped in his tracks as he saw a man walking by with a bucket of ice cream. He was maybe 5' 5" or 5' 6". He had blonde hair and wore a white lab coat over some rather shabby looking clothes. They stopped and stared at each other for a moment before the blonde man shrugged contiued on his way.
"Go bother someone else right now."
Plisken shrugged as well, at least he wasn't dead. The drive room was only a short walk away and Plisken didn't enncouter anyone else along the way. The Drive Room was much less impressive than Plisken had remember it and it was bordering on shabby- much like the rest of the ship. Then the blonde man from earlier walked in.
"Oh, you are still here?" he said. "I'm Jacky Kong, by the way.Who are you?"
"Plisken, Thomas Plisken," Plisken replied.
"Well, Thomas-"
"Plisken," interuptted Plisken.
"Well, Plisken, you are one of the few crew members left on this ship. It has been 3 million years since we all got put into stasis and we are trying to get home. Well thats that, got other things to do."
Plisken felt dumstruck. 3 million years? His dinner will have over cooked.

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