My Vocation

Plisken sighed as he dragged his feet along the corridors to a place he knew very well. This particualr place was exactly 50cm from a storage bay door and Plisken had spent most of his life either standing, drinking or smoking there. He had joined the JMC, he had the intetion of intention of rising throught the ranks of the secuirty division and earning a place at the top. This was not a task he had completly failed in, however. He had once had the lowly, menial job of guarding the store of crackers on the Blue Dwarf. But that was a long time ago and before he was put into stasis he was the guard of the biscuits. In 13 years he had moved up one place and that was only becuase the original guard had been decapitated by a mad man trying to find a digestive for his cup of tea. Plisken rounded the corner to his post and their was what he had been looking for. Hanging on a coat peg next to a seat was a long, blue-grey greatcoat. Plisken had bought it because he thought it would give him the distiction of an officer but he just got strange looks from the other guards. Still, he threw it on because it was on of the few things that he owned. He fixed the collar and dusted of some dirt from the shoulders. He pulled open the great steel door to the storage and grabbed a packet of custard creams. They had always been his favourite. He made his way back to where he had left Jacky, becoming accustomed to his new surroundings. Jacky was waiting there for him, doing something that Plisken hadn't understood even after the third explaination.
"Ah, biscuits, thanks."
"Now, what was this pickle ?" asked Plisken, wanting to do something better than had done before.

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