Simple Business.

"Ah, biscuits, thanks."
"Now, what was this pickle ?" asked Plisken, wanting to do something better than had done before.

Jacky noticed the sense of slight eagerness in his voice. Jacky wanted to help this person out-- he had known all too well what it was like to be left in the cold after 3 Million (or so) years of missing time-- but Jacky simply couldn't tell him. Jacky knew a few things, to be sure, but nothing Jacky could make conclusive sense of. Jacky made a decision a short while ago to do something that made him feel slightly guilty: Don't get involved. Jacky allowed himself to be involved if they needed him, but it didn't seem like they did. Jacky swallowed his saliva, and delivered his conclusive response to Thomas.

"Smegged if I know."

"Pardon?" Plisken said in disbelief.

"I don't recommend getting involved. I mean, if you have to, then do it, but... take me for example. I am not needed right now. Getting involved would only complicate things--"

Jacky stopped to gather coherency, and failed. Plisken was getting irritated with Jacky, whose goggles promptly fell. Jacky bent over to pick them up, but Plisken stepped on them to prevent him from getting them.

"I'd really like to know what's wrong." Plisken said, threateningly.

Jacky stood up, with a huff.

"I don't consider myself a violent person, Mr. Plisken. I'm not going to fight you. But I'm honestly in the dark here. If I knew what was happening, I'd tell you."

Plisken stepped off of Jacky's goggles reluctantly, and Jacky picked them up, wiping off a boot smudge.

"I'd be happy to show you to a bunk room. I need to find one for myself." Jacky offered.

The pair began to walk silently, Jacky stopping as they walked to speak to Holly briefly.

"Holly... would you mind repairing all of Justin's injuries? My conscience has gotten to me."

Plisken wondered what he meant.

"You forgive some folks awful quick-like." Replied Holly.

"Lets not throw around the "F" word, Holly. He's still a rotten smegger, which is why, whenever you get around to it, I'd like to have a special request." Said Jacky, with a grin of mischief.

"What is it?" Asked Holly.

"I want you to remove his penis.Thanks in advance, Hol."

Jacky and Plisken strolled down the corridor to the bunkrooms, and Jacky couldn't wait to hear Justin when he decided to go for a wank.

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