New Surrondings

"Without provoking, you seem a hypocritical man," said Plisken, as the Jacky and he walked down the long corridors. Plisken didn't really know what this meant but he had heard it in a movie and it seemed to fit the topic.
"How, so?" asked Jacky, sounding slightly offened at this insult.
"You claim to not be a violent man, yet you are going to cut off a man's penis."
Jacky waved his hand, dissmissing the accusation.
"It's complicated and, like I said, you don't want to get invovled."
Plisken felt anger towards Jacky, not because he didn't agree with him or saw him as a bad person but because he wasn't being allowed to help in any way. All of Plisken's life he had been refused opportunities, or he hadn't taken them up. But 3 million years was a long time to be stuck in stasis and Plisken knew that now was a time to start a fresh.
"Well, hear is an empty room. It's closer to everyone else than your old one, I think. If you have anything to bring up I guess I could help you", said Jacky, hesitiating before offering his aid.
"No, it's fine. The only thing I have is that stupid, smegging toaster. Wait, that thing must have been by it's self for 3 million years."
"Yeah, a lot of things have been."
The two men stepped into the room. The first thing that struck Plisken was how bland the room was. No decoration or anything. Before stasis, he bunk mate had painted the room completly pink one night- after some heavy drinking- and couldn't be paint it back to grey, now matter how many times Plisken had shoved a Bazookoid in his face.
"So what do you do for fun around here?" asked Plisken, forgetting the event from earlier and trying to control his anger. That was another thing that always kept him down, his anger. Plisken firmly believed that if he not shoved 2 pencils up his superior's nose and then made him eat a rubber at gun point, he could be head of security. That had been a good day- he and all his friends got very, very, very, very drunk afterwards.
"Well, you know. We just do stuff."
"We just do stuff?" scoffed Plisken. Then he sighed. There had to be something to do on this rust bucket.
"I suppose Chrysler might have something for you to do but I have no idea what."
"Chrysler? As in the captain?"
"Yeah, I guess you will see him tomorrow morning. Don't expect him to take to well to you though, he probably won't be in the best of moods."
"Why- wait don't tell me. I don't want to know, right?"
Jack smiled and Plisken returned the showing of friendship.

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