Cage Jumpin'

“That was impressive” said Jacky, as Jay started to pick his cage's lock. “Or immensely stupid”
“I stopped trying to separate the two years ago...” Jay replied “Come on...we have to get Phil out of here...”

Jacky shrugged off Jay's newly healed legs, since he didn't know much about half of the crew and just assumed that it made sense. Both he and Jay made it to the pulley system that suspended Phil's cage in the air, only to discover that this one had become jammed.

"Smeg..." Jay groaned "How are we going to get him down?"

Jacky rustled in his labcoat pockets, where he usually kept lots of useless junk, and pulled out a pocket knife that he found on the ground at a carnival. He showed it to Jay.

"Nah... Nice idea, but we want to get him down alive..." Jay rebutted.

Jacky and Jay eyed the cages for a long time, trying to come up with a plan. 5 minutes later, they looked at one another.

"What if we...?"

"You're not suggesting that...?"

"Well, I mean..."

"Can't think of anything else..."


Jacky hoisted Jay back up into his cage with the pully. Jay rocked back and forth in his cage, finally jumping out the unlocked door at the peak of his swing, clinging onto Phil's cage. Hanging on for dear life, he unlocks the door and gets in with Phil.

"Didn't think you could do it on your first try! I'm impressed!" Jacky called.

" do I bring him down?" Jay called back.

"Well... I guess you have to jump. Jump feet first and... break his fall while carrying him."


"Just... give me a moment to collect myself." Jay called, finally.

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