The Great Escape Part 1

Jay learned something in the next few minutes.
When you enter into a tense dogfight, dodging, weaving, looping and ducking to avoid heavy enemy fire (while successfully taking out every turret, missle launcher and defensive sheild without breaking a sweat - well, he would have, if not for the virus) with someone who has just eaten an entire population, that person is unlikely to keep their 'dinner' down.
As Jay touched down in the now externally defenceless stations hangar bay. He and Davie leapt out of the cockpit at light-speed. Each man dripping from head to toe in regurgitated Huzards.
"You are SO walking home..." Jay said, glaring at the MACO, right before passing out again...
<tag! Jay won't be out for long, but what do we find on the station, how does the inspector react when / if he finds out?>


Jaxx staggered a bit as he tried to regain his composure. Then Jaxx slowly reached into the holes in his armor and pulled out a few large spearheads from his still bleeding gut and dropped them on the floor. Then Jaxx pushed his belt to activate his nanos for healing and repair. Davie was a bit in shock at the sight of Jaxx performing his own surgery as he was tending to Jay. Davies muttered, "Thats messed up man." Jaxx looked at Davie and said, “Sorry about the mess bro, but I am still recovering from booze and the fight.” Davie looked at Jaxx, “What the smeg did you drink and eat man?” Jaxx rubbed his gut and answered, “Ummm….A couple drums of beer and maybe a platoon of Huzzards. Not to mention a few souvenirs complements of the dead Huzzards. “ Jaxx pulled out one last spearhead from his ribs. “Ahhhh……………….much better. This little bugger was making my stomach hurt real bad.” Then Jaxx tossed the last bloody spearhead to the ground.

Jaxx looked at Davie who was trying to wake up Jay with no success and said, “Well we can’t stay here. We are sitting ducks.” Davie looked at Jaxx and said, “Well we can’t leave Jay here and he is not doing so good. He needs medical attention.” Jaxx, “looked at Davie with a serious face and then at the hanger as he answered, “I know.” Davie jumped to his feet and looked at Jaxx sternly, “Exactly what do you know?” Jaxx looked at Davie and said, “It’s classified. Need to know basis only.” Davie got in Jaxx’s face as if to challenge him and firmly said, “I NEED TO KNOW!” Jaxx calmly looked Davie in the eyes and said, “Than ask Jay when he wakes up.” Davie looked confused and said, “Why would Jay tell you something and not me?” Jaxx looked at Davie and said, “ He didn’t I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but I was ordered to keep quiet.” Davie looked at Jay and answered, “Oh.” Jaxx walked by the upset Davie and picked up Jay and gently put him over his shoulder.

Davie turned and looked at Jaxx and said, “What are you doing with him?” Jaxx responded, “Marines leave no one behind. Now we have a mission to complete so lets get moving." The 2 men walked past several single pilot star fighters till they approached a Firefly class destroyer (4 person large fighter/bomber) . Jaxx stopped dead in his tracks as he smiled. Davie looked at the ship and at Jaxx then said, “What the smeg are you doing?” Jaxx looked at his watch and said, “I'm Christmas Shoppin bro. Yo Holly we need your help.” Holly appeared on the watch and said, “What’s up bubs?” Jaxx turned the watch to face the ship and said, “I need you to over ride all security on this ship and prep it for an emergency escape when we are ready to leave.” Holly said, “Hmmm………….it may take a while gents. It’s a pretty high tech job, that one is.” Jaxx responded, “Then get someone smart to help you. I have a feeling our escape is not going to be as easy as our entrance.” Davie looked at Jaxx, “You picked up on that on pretty quick for a newbie.”

Jaxx adjusted his rifle and began walking to the exit with Davie. The two men moved silently down the hanger as they were prepared for an ambush. Jay was completely out cold as Jaxx carried him like a he was a large pillow on his shoulder. Then Davie and Jaxx arrived at the door and took cover on opposite sides of the door to prepare for a fight. Then Davie opened the door and the 2 men quickly took cover and waited for 30 seconds. Then nothing happened. Jaxx looked at Davie and held up a palm then a fist and he used his shark sense to see inside the room. Then Jaxx looked at Davie and gave him a thumbs up. Davie nodded then held up 3 fingers and used them to count down to 1. On 1 the two men quickly entered the room to see nothing but a long hallway with many doors on the walls. Both men looked at each as they took a deep breath and slowly began walking down the hall.

OOC – Will Jay ever wake up?
Will Holly get the escape ship ready on time?
And what dangers await our militant heroes down the empty hallway?
And who’s gonna clean up the mess in the hanger?
Tune in next time, Same Dwarf Channel, Same Dwarf Time
Stay tuned for the next episode of “DWARVES IN SPACE”……..Uh I mean “Blue Dwarf”

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