That's what she said

"Oh, no," said Plisken, "Not Custer, anyone but Custer." Plisken looked around frantically. "It looks like Montana, and it looks like...Little Bighorn."

"hehehe". Despite himself, Phil was in full Beavis and Butthead mode.

"You said Bigho...." but wasn't able to finish that sentance due to a slap round the head by Phi.

The messenger, who was still on his horse simply looked at the group in front of him.
Why were they not obeying.. The order was very clear.

"Oi..monkey boy " Phil shouted up to the horse born messenger. "Did you say Custer or CusTARD? because I am not going to see a variety of culinary preparation based on a cooked mixture of milk or cream and egg yolk." Phil blinked.

It seemed like whatever had brought them here had not only altered Plisken's arm but returned Phil's sanity. And with that return his memory and intellect as well.

This rather shocked the messenger who simply pointed behind him. To emphasie his impatienice he jiggled the weapon at his side.

"I think, for now we should go with him. At the very least we can find out precisely where we are and what in the name of sanity is going on."

"Then we can form some kind of escape plan?" asked Alex.

There was a general nodding from Phil. He was rather enjoying being lucid again. Hopefully he would have no further reactions to the chemicals he had pumped with. His GELF DNA was unstable enough as it is.

Where did THAT thought come from? Before he could forumlate this line of thinking further, Alex had grabbed his arm and the small group was following the messenger back, presumbly to the camp.


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