Naboo Thats Who

Jay squinted up at her in the sunlight and then quickly looked away, suddenly conscious of just how short that skirt really was
“Why, what’s wrong with that outfit?” he asked nonchalantly
“I look smegging ridiculous” Cass scowled “I mean, I'm wearing stockings for smeg’s sake – Clothing you can break with twigs! – Smegging stupid!”
“Oh, okay” Jay sighed, clambering to his feet “Give me a few minutes and I’ll get everyone organised, and then we’ll see what we can salvage from the Hitcher’s encampment”
Cass gazed off at the smoking wreckage in the distance and frowned
“Is that part of the Dwarf!?” she demanded

Anyone fancy seeing what else is down the Hitcher’s hole?
Where does it go?

Jaxx finished devouring the Hitcher upon Jay's orders. "I can't believe Jay actually ordered me to eat this old codger. I guess he crossed the line with the demon woman. Oh well time to see what is up for grabs" ,thought Jaxx. Jaxx walked around and saw some tunnels that were hidden behind some rocks. After looking around for any traps Jaxx made his way down the tunnel till he found light. As the light grew brighter Jaxx was able to smell smoke. The smoke was a bit strange and not like a nothing like a camp fire smoke. After Jaxx made his way out of the tunnel he found himself near several caves.

Jaxx walked around and followed the smoke till he came across a small man dressed in fine Arabian clothing and smoking a hooka with a gorilla. Jaxx slowly approached the man and the gorilla to see if they were a threat. The little man saw Jaxx and smiled as he said, "We have been expecting you Jaxx. Come have a sit with us. We have plenty of happy smoke and lots of interesting tales for you." Jaxx looked at the man and asked, "How did you know my name and who are you?" The little man looked up at Jaxx and exhaled his smoke in the air as he smiled and answered, "I'm Naboo the Enigma and this is my familiar Bollo. I saw you coming here in a premonition."Jaxx got up and said, "Sorry man toking it up is not my bag man and I have things to do." Naboo took another hit and said, "Sit with me and I will help you get off this planet." Jaxx paused before sitting down to listen to Naboo.

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