Pause for thought

"So if you distract the creatures we can switch off the magnetic field?" suggested Cass.
"Sure why not although we might need Jaxx to come along, I'm getting old you know."
Garth stared at Plisken, angered that he had been roped into another fight.

"Oh wait, wait, wait..." Cass groaned, throwing her hands up in despair "What the smeg am I thinking" she looked over to catch Jay's eye, and jerked her head, motioning back down the tunnel from which they had all just emerged "Can I have a word?"
“Sure" Jay shrugged, watching her as she turned and stalked off away from the rest of the group "What is it?" he called after her
She turned, her arms folded defensively in front of her
Sighing, Jay rolled his eyes and glanced around the others before, with a shake of his head, hurrying after her
"Do nothing!" Cass called back to everyone else, gesturing emphatically "Nothing!"

"There had better be a good reason for this" Jay warned when he finally caught up with her, a note of exasperation evident in his voice "You can't just act like this and expect to get away with it"
"We can't kill that field Jay!"
"What!? Why not?"
"Well, just overlooking for a moment that we're all armed with pointy sticks and rocks, whereas those forest demons or whatever the hell they are look smegging vicious; even if we do somehow manage to beat them and destroy the generator, we don't have any way to get off-world!"
"So if your virus is just in remission because of this field rather than you having been cured by it, you are completely smegged the instant that generator is deactivated"
"Aw, shit" Jay sighed, his brows knitting in consternation "How likely do you think that it's just in remission?"
Cass regarded him for a moment
"Brittany herself designed that virus" she said simply "I'd stake my life on it"
"Smeg" Jay spat, angrily turning away from her
"Jay, please listen" Cass soothed "You’re fit and well and we've two weeks before the Dwarf is clear of that gas - So now we know where this generator is, and assuming it is the only one, we can come back at any time; we don’t have to do this right now! - We can plan and explore; we can better prepare and arm ourselves, and make certain we’ve got a way off this rock before we come back and take on these creatures"
Still standing with his back towards her, Jay visibly slumped
“I just don’t want to jeopardize your life” Cass continued gently, tentatively raising a hand behind him with the intention of laying it on his shoulder, but thinking better of it and letting it fall “I... We couldn’t do without you – We can do this any time...”
“Yeah, yeah...” Jay sighed, turning to regard her “All this makes sense, but what if this is our only shot at this?”
“What if?” Cass shrugged in response “I can think of worse places to be stranded - Does it really matter!?”
“Put that way, I guess not” Jay accepted “But I can’t help but feel that if we had a couple of working Psi-Scanners, we might find a way off this world a damn sight quicker”
“Well, yeah, there is that” Cass murmured, glancing down at the floor
“It just seems unfair to deny everyone working technology, and the possibility of an easier way off-world on my account”
“Smeg them” Cass said bluntly, her eyes flashing back up to his “You’re the priority”
“Well, I think I see why you wanted to do this in private” Jay sighed “I can’t see that attitude going down well with the others”
“Yeah, well...”
“They’re all getting geared up to attack” Jay grumbled, glancing away down the tunnel
“Tell them not to – Chances are you’re going to save their lives by doing so!”
“Can I deny them the chance of maybe getting off-world?”
Cass smiled sadly at him
“Well, you know what I think you should do, but if you want to ignore me: That’s entirely your call Sparky...”

Jay - whatcha gonna to do?
Everyone else - are you going to hang around cooling your heels at Cassandra's say so?

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