A Voice of Reason

“They’re all getting geared up to attack” Jay grumbled, glancing away down the tunnel
“Tell them not to – Chances are you’re going to save their lives by doing so!”
“Can I deny them the chance of maybe getting off-world?”
Cass smiled sadly at him
“Well, you know what I think you should do, but if you want to ignore me: That’s entirely your call Sparky...”

Jay - whatcha gonna to do?
Everyone else - are you going to hang around cooling your heels at Cassandra's say so?

Jaxx took the time to analyze the area and get a head count of the enemy down below. As he was calculating the odds based on who was going to fight. Then Jaxx thought to himself, "Well after we knock that machine out my nanos should come back on line." Then Jaxx had an shocking thought that made him concerned. Jaxx quickly turned around and halted everyone to be quiet. Davie whispered, "What is it Jaxx? Did you see something?"

Jaxx nodded and he whispered to everyone, "I was thinking ." Phil spoke up and said, "That must be a novel experience for you." Jaxx looked at Phil with a cold stare and whispered, "Keep it up nutball and your getting flying lessons." Phil paused then kept his mouth shut. Jaxx whispered again, "If we destroy this machine there is a good chance my nanos will come on line again." Jacky whispered, "Wouldn't that be a good thing?" Jaxx nodded and whispered, "For me yes but not for the Captain." The others gave Jaxx a funny look till Jacky muttered, "Oh man your right. We have to put this attack off for now." Plisken and Garth were now irritated by the change in plans. Garth whispered, "What is going on here and why all the secrecy?" Jacky whispered, "I am so sorry man but we can't tell you that. But what I can tell you is that machine is ironically keeping Jay alive."

Molly whispered, "Why all the secrecy I thought you were all adventuring friends?" Alex whispered, "More like allies. We tend to work together out of necessity." Molly looked at them oddly and whispered, "Then why do you risk your lives for each other?" Davie whispered, "If you haven't noticed our resources are low. Jay is our Captain and pilot, Cass, Alex, Bedge, Phil, Justin, White Wolf and Jacky are our tech-nerds, Jaxx, Plisken and I are the soldiers, Efof is our other pilot, Phi is our medic, and Seymour is our diplomat. We all contribute to our survival one way or another despite our flaws, feelings toward each other and personal baggage." Molly looked at all the crew members and saw them as real people for a change.

The crew thought about their situation is silence for a few moments. Jaxx then whispered, "Look I have no problem killing those demons down below but I don't want to kill Jay like that. We may not get along and I tottaly hate his girlfriend, but he at least he deserves a warriors death. Before we do anything lest at least take some time to get a better plan."

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