The Hero of the Day

Garth sat in the crooked captain's chair in the disgarded Drive Room of the Blue Dwarf. In his mouth was his pipe which billowed angry red smoke. In his hand he played with the king piece from the chess set that now lay scattered across the room. Justin sat in the corner, gaxing out of a large crack in the wall at the greenry outside.

"I can't take this anymore," said Garth finally and got up out his seat.

"Wha-" began Justin, "You can't just leave me here!"

Garth tossed his sword over to Justin. "Your a hologram but use this is you want."

Garth opened the door and jumped onto the soft ground beneath him. The entire world seemed to be living compared to the cold Blue Dwarf that Garth had lived on for so many years. He slipped the small chess piece into one of his many pockets and began to look for Plisken.


Everyone looked at Cass like she passed wind in a church. Cass rolled her eyes and whispered, "This machine is the cause for the bad magnetic field on the planet. If we shut it down we can leave the planet." Then the crew responded like they understood her completely which annoyed her more. The Jacky whispered, "Though that does sound good in theory you seem to forget the monster that was bumming the severed head who prolly has more friends down there. How do you think we are going to pull that off?"


Plisken stood behind the main group, keeping his distance from them. It would be easier on them if they did not all know who he really was. He felt a light tap on his shoulder and out of the corner of his eye he could see a blue glow.

"Garth, you really shouldn't come up behind people like that," said Plisken. Everyone turned and looked at him, they had not heard or seen Garth coming.

"Hey, Plisken, who is that," asked Jacky as Garth stepped into everyone's view.

"It sounds like you have a problem," said Garth, cutting off Plisken's answer (if he was going to give one).

"Yeah it involves lots of fighting and killing monsters Garth, should be right up your alley," said Plisken happily.

"You're one to talk," snapped Garth, "After all weren't those living in the Medusa Cascade monsters?"

Everyone looked puzzled at the mention of the Medusa Cascade but Plisken waved a dismissive hand, "Story for another time."

"So if you distract the creatures we can switch off the magnetic field?" suggested Cass.

"Sure why not although we might need Jaxx to come along, I'm getting old you know."

Garth stared at Plisken, angered that he had been roped into another fight.

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