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Summary: Simulant Outlaw turned Domestic

Garr Bedge

Gender: All Robo-Man

Age: Built to Last

Group: Engineering & Repair Crew




Outlaw & Lavatory Attendant

Physical Appearance

Stands six foot, four inches tall and with a musucular bodywork typical of his model. Garr consists of seventy percent cybernetic and mechanical components and thirty percent vat grown clone flesh. He has a thick black beard that reaches down to his chest and has never been washed, trimmed or combed. Typically for a Simulant, his face is covered with a variety of mechanical devices and tubes, designed to give him an edge above Humans when it comes to hearing and sight. Like most Simulants, his body is covered head to foot in black body armour, but Garr has adorned himself with a tatty pair of leather trousers and a thick coat made of Gelf fur. Since his reprogramming, he has been known to adopt a floral apron and a pair of neon pink washing up gloves.

Personality and Interests

Guns, explosives, torture, drinking, fighting, cigars, heavy metal and cleaning.

Garr is typical of his species in that he is a solitary creature and doesn't mince his words. He also likes the smell of diesel on his hinges and considers WD-40 "for wusses".


Built in the early 22nd century, Garr was to be part of a Simulant Commando Unit in a war that never happend. Whilst many Simulants were dismantled and sent to the crusher, many more escaped to the frontiers of outer space, Garr being amongst them. There he carved out a career as a space pirate, pillaging his way across a hundred worlds. Eventually, his team of rogues came across the derelict Blue Dwarf and boarded the stricken mining vessel. There, he spent many centuries fighting and pillaging the various mutants that lived in the bowels of the ship. Just as he was beginning to enjoy himself, though, his fellow Simulants were wiped out by the recently revived Space Corps crew.

Favourite Sayings

"It is my pleasure to serve you, Human scum."

"I'm here to kick arse and mop floors."

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Image of Garr Bedge
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