WHO: Garr Bedge
WHERE: A Stolen Spaceship
WHEN: After a several months of tracking Blue Dwarf

Bedge had been travelling for weeks now, following the vapour trail of Blue Dwarf. Many long weeks, following those filthy human scumbags that he served and worshipped. And finally, he was catching up. He was, of course, looking forward to seeing his friends again, but mostly, he was looking forward to getting reacquainted with a particularly grease stained corridor on the engineering deck. He and his mop had a date with that floor, and he was determined to finally clean it up. This time, it would be personal.
As he sat back and smoked a filthy cigar he'd found in the glove compartment of the stolen spaceship, Bedge watched the stars go past on the main screen on the flight deck. Before his reprogramming, he'd never been one for contemplation or philosophical leanings. He'd have described himself as pragmatic if he'd been able to spell it, or that he had a can-do-kill policy. Life had been simple for him, spending century upon century brutally causing havoc across the universe, committing acts of piracy, vandalism and littering. He'd had a price on his head so large his wanted poster simply had an infinity symbol printed under the reward. Everyone had wanted a piece of him, from the space marine veterans of the S.C.S.S.R.R.B.D (Space Corps Special Service, Really Really Brave Division) to the dreaded Library Enforcement Droids of Libraricon IV for not returning late books.
As his commandeered ship got closer and closer to the long streak of dirty blue he'd called home, Bedge stubbed out the remains of his cigar and began landing procedures. Contemplation and philosophical leanings were not a common personality trait amongst Simulants. And he was fairly certain that it wasn't the result of his reprogramming. Frankly, it worried him. To take his mind off the matter, he decided that upon his return to Blue Dwarf, he'd take his mind off it by killing the first radioactive mutant he came across. Either that or empty all the waste paper bins on S-Deck. Whatever came about first.
After a short argument with Holly - who refused docking permission until Bedge threatened the computer with an rewiring it'd never forget - Bedge's ship touched day in one of the docking bays. The docking bay was in its usual state of disrepair, and Bedge made a mental note to give it a good spring cleaning when he had the chance. Stomping off in the direction of the supply cupboard on D-Deck that he called home, he made a mental note to swing by the engineering decks and find himself a mutant creature of some kind for a homecoming party.

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