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Alex and Jade

“You shouldn’t be bothered by anyone, but if you are, just do like we practiced, okay?” Hasina glanced furtively around the streets. She was about to go and meet with Anubis, which meant leaving the three alternates on their own. They were seated on the edge of an overly elaborate, beautiful fountain on the edge of the palace town’s nicer district.
“Ah, we’ll be fine till you get back.” Jade reassured her. “All we need to do is act like a couple of overindulged goons and we’ll be laughing.”
Hasina grunted her agreement then turned her gaze to Solvay. “Yes, laughing, that’s a good point. Could you try smiling a bit, Alex?”
“Alexander smiles all the time, I haven’t seen you smile once.”
“Apart from when Jade kissed him” Jamie interrupted, helpfully. Alex gave him a death glare.
“Apart from when Jade kissed him."

Jade looked at Alex expectantly. He pursed his lips in thought.
“I smile, don’t I?”
“Erm…” She didn’t want to be unkind. “Not very much, to be honest.”
“Oh.” He sighed. “How’s this?”
He gave them a big, overly wide, smile which didn’t look at all genuine. Jamie stepped back in horror. “Eugh, that’s…”
“… Unfortunate.” Hasina finished for him.

Despite the perilous predicament Jade found herself chuckling at Alex’s now bewildered face. “Just… Engage your eyes and don’t throw so many teeth in and you’ll be fine.”
“Engage… my eyes?”
“Yeah… smile like you mean it.”

Poor Solvay looked lost.


Jahdaay was not happy. She’d been swept away from Lexipoo by a herd of moronic drunken men, who were celebrating a marriage and had mistaken her disguised self for one of their sister’s friends. She couldn’t believe Alexander would be so thoughtless as to allow her to be dragged off like that. Well, actually, she could – he was precious but he wasn’t the brightest jewel in the chest – she’d still be having words, though.
“Time to re-introduce Bertha” she muttered, as she made her way along the dusty streets in her disgustingly dull clothes, trying as much as possible to avoid touching the townsfolk.
Bertha was one of their more punishing toys. They’d put ‘her’ away for a special occasion after ‘she’ had caused Sexi Lexi to walk most peculiarly for a week. He’d been completely unable to ride his camel, or his sand-dragon, for a month.
Girthy Bertha.

Hold on… was that ‘Poo and… Katrina up ahead? Not Katrina the bitchy bimbo?
She narrowed her eyes and ducked behind a stall. She’d always suspected the cow was after a piece of her man-meat, but the orange-tanned woman had always denied it.
“Well you’re not getting your claws into him tonight, you slapper” she hissed, as she sneaked after them. To her shock, Ali put his arm around the other woman before they moved around a corner.
Jaahday gasped, Aly Waly was allowed to play with others, but only with her permission.
She squealed in enraged jealousy, snatching a falafel from the stall and squeezing it hard. It oozed through her fingers, just like the brain of Katrina would.

A small child observed this squeaked display of food-injuring wrath and scampered off, utterly terrified.

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