Cats & Mice

Wiping the dust from her eyes, Yasmin yawned, and reached into the fridge for a bottle. Instead, she came back out with a mouse.
The irritatingly infuriating click-clack-clink of the only wheelchair onboard ship (or, at least, the only one to her knowledge) grew louder and louder as Seymour anxiously popped his head around the bunkroom door, and disappeared again.
“Seymour, I’m warning you…”
Sighing, he came inside, and took out a can of Leopard Lager from the fridge, grimacing as he took a hefty gulp of the stuff.
“Horrid drivel,” he muttered to himself, offering Yasmin the can. She snatched it away from his hand, and dropped the mouse in his lap. “What is this, Ms. Adimar?”
“Mouse,” she shrugged, walking across the width of the room to where her bunkmate’s head was almost dropping off the end of the bunk. “How’s Molly?”
She groaned piteously. “Again?”
He shuffled around a little in his seat, and leant his head against the edge of the bunkroom sink. “What did you expect? She’s only…something.”
“Yes, ah, human, yes.”
She stared, and finished the can, crushing it underneath her boot on the floor. “Shut up.”
He bowed his head disgracefully, and rode off, but halted at the door before he could leave, as the wheelchair caught on the sleeve of Yasmin’s jacket.
“A little help…?”
“I said, shut up,” she repeated crossly, but still released him, with a grudge. “How’s Jay?”
She cocked her head moodily, and gave him a look. “Is that all?”
“Mister Phil has not moved since the last time you saw him, if that’s what you wanted to hear, Ms Adimar.”
She sighed sadly. “It’s not what I necessarily wanted to hear, but it’s better than the other things you’ve said recently.”
His eyes looked strangely like those of a begging puppy dog. “What things?”
“Just leave me alone.”
The entire ship was nearly silent, save for the notoriously well-known monotone beeping of Jay’s support machines, and everyone’s beeping, and the click-clack-clink of Seymour’s wheelchair. When she walked back into the bunkroom after lunch, her bunkmate was still sleeping, but when she sat down underneath, he woke up.
“Well what, Ed?”
“Did you see him?”
“Why should I want to?”
“Well, beside the fact that he’s our captain, and the knowing that-”
“Jeez, Ed!”
She shook her head in dismay. “Katrina should be with him.”
“She’s looking for a cure, Yasmin, and you’ve no place to doubt her for that.”
“Still nothing. It’s her husband, Yaz. You’re not to judge that.”
“If it was me in her place…”
He groaned again. “Yes, yes, I know. If it were you in her place, you would never ever think of deserting your husband like that. But Katrina’s got the right idea, Yasmin, and you know it.”
“I just-”
“You just nothing!”
She slept that night thinking of mice. Of how the cure was just a mouse in a pile of rats somehow, and how Katrina was the tabby cat sent to chase it.
Just a game. Just a game of cats and mice.

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