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Summary: A confident individual who holds superlative suggestions that make no smegging sense to smeg-all.

Yasmin Melissa Adimar

Gender: Female

Age: 32

Group: Engineering & Repair Crew




Half human, half GELF. Her mother was a beautiful Venusian model, while her father was a stubborn, drunken pleasure GELF. Although some began spreading the ill-ridden rumour that he was actually a second-hand moth-eaten couch that she'd bought at some good-for-nothing antiques fair with some guy called Seymour.

But they were just empty rumours.


First Technician aboard the Blue Dwarf

Physical Appearance

Waist-length startling black hair, usually worn up in a smart, devilish looking ponytail that can sometimes reach her knees if stretched hard enough. Her favourite outfit is very business-like, too much for actual work which is comprised of a knee-length pencil skirt, a pearl-embroidered ivory white blouse with floral patterned cuffs, a navy-blue satin jacket, and a pair of boring black high heels. Her eyes are a piercing amber-hazel colour, an her other facial features are, on the whole, very minutes in size, and neatly precise in detail, except from her mouth, which is extremely large in comparison, and she can hardly ever keep it securely closed long enough to listen to someone else.

Personality and Interests

Yasmin is one of the cultural kind - she much prefers classical books from the 2100s (and earlier!) to the foolish becomings of her crewmates. Among her favourites are Little Women, Jane Eyre, et cetera.

No-one ever realises she's actually there. Mostly, she'll be waiting for an order from a superior officer, and will fall asleep before anyone else bothers to address her at all.

Her other interests are drawing and writing in her journal.

Also, eavesdropping on her bunkmate's private conversations.


Born during the Venusian Industrial Non-Revolution, Yasmin lived in a free-lived time, when everyone planet-wide was going back to the old industries of life: horse and cart, farmer's market, fires. She possessed a safely secure, yet seemingly enriched lifestyle - everyone wanted to be her friend back home.

Nevertheless, when she signed up to the JMC, and set foot inside the Blue Dwarf, after being deposed from her post aboard the Indigo Nova, her life changed forever. People looked down on her, thought of her as petty, useless, and, basically, spoilt. She hasn't seen her father, Edward, since her nineteenth birthday, also known more commonly as her WEDDING DAY.

Her little brother, Jay Quintelle, who kept the family name despite being run off their home planet numerous times due to mutinous identity-theft scandals, wanted to join her in the JMC, and succeeded quickly to becoming joint captain with his sister aboard his first manned vessel, the previously named Indigo Nova. However, he was unable to follow her onto the Blue Dwarf after the collision on Mars, and the destruction of their pride and joy, as the JMC demanded he would confuse himself with the ship's captain.

Oh well.

Favourite Sayings

"Oh, for smeg's sake, smegging SHUT UP already!"

"One shoe off means business, two shoes off means bored, and both shoes returned to the original feet means END OF CONVERSATION!"

"Get out of here NOW, before I blast your face off into next week."

"I'm not warning you."

"As always, stay cautious. I'm unarmed and boring as always."

"Just pretend I'm not here. Oh, wait, you already did."



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