A Minor Insight

After Jaxx and Evelina parted ways Jaxx picked up a towel, some energy drinks and power bars before heading to his training room. Jaxx put his supplies in a corner of the room and then began to stretch out. After a good stretch, Jaxx pulled out his holowhips and began his Calamar training. It was obvious that his training has paid off when comparing it to his first day using the holowhips. His motions were much more fluid and it almost looked like a dance he was performing. Each lesson Jaxx strived to master was based on a Calamar’ movements (Giant squid with spider legs). The whips represented the tentacles, which allowed whip like movement above and underwater. Jaxx had the advantage of being able to clear his mind while practicing his training and only focused on his movements, which resulted on a quicker learning pace and less distractions. As Jaxx was training, Evelina made her way to his lab to pack some gear and explore.

Jaxx had been training straight for several hours by now and was drenched in sweat. Jaxx curled a small smile under his heavy breathing and sweat dripped body. As he slowly stood up he holstered his holowhips and walked over to get a bottle of water and guzzle it down in seconds. Then Jaxx proceeded to stretch his neck around to loosen up a bit. Jaxx then reflected on his last lesson as he thought, “That last heinous lesson totally took a lot of radical stamina. I so like I need up my game and stuff. Hmmmmmmm……….. Well I could like just run and stuff.” Then Jaxx put down his water bottle and headed out the door and began running.

Jaxx began running in one direction but was eventually forced to make some turns. As he continued his run he slowly passed a few crew members. As Jaxx ran he passed Alex in the distance working on some machines. Alex looked like he was really focused on what he was doing. Jaxx didn’t want to interrupt so he just passed him up as he continued down the halls. Moments later he saw Jamie working on some machines as well. Jaxx just passed him up since he too looked like he was very focused. Jaxx just past him by and eventually saw Yasmin beating up a liquor vending machine for some odd reason. Jaxx made sure to avoid the crazy woman as he ran past her quickly. As Jaxx ran he was noticing a few difference in the hallways, which made it easier to identify since they, all looked alike.

As his run came by he Promenade Jaxx saw Seymour was barking orders at some rodents outside some restaurant. Jaxx had no intention of listening to Seymour’s insults so he kept his distance as he ran off. As he passed the stores he saw White wolf and Candy shopping. They did make an odd couple but who was he to judge. As Jaxx continued to run past the stores he saw Molly shopping alone. Jaxx figured her friend Jacky was too busy to be with her. Eventually Jaxx pass the medical center where he passed as Phi was cleaning up the med lab, while Katrina attended to Jay. Jaxx smiled as he they were in good spirits. Jaxx continued to run passed the science labs and heard Dr. Pritchard making loud noises in his lab as he passed by. Not long after he heard some very odd noises coming from Phil’s lab that made Jaxx feel very uncomfortable. Jaxx didn’t waste anytime running from the labs. As he continued his run passed the observatory he saw Jacky staring up at the stars like he was daydreaming. Jaxx smiled as he ran past him and figured he preferred daydreaming over being with people. It was then that he wandered where Evelina was. He hoped he would run into her eventually.

After a long and tiresome run Jaxx found himself in a huge room by some large water tanks. The water looked inviting so Jaxx just jumped right in and jumped right in. The water quickly cooled down Jaxx as he swam around. Then Jaxx had an idea so he swam under the water a few feet and pulled out his holowhips as he began to train again for a while. Jaxx soon realized his lesson were much easier to do underwater. His movements were more fluid and his accuracy was almost perfect. This encouraged Jaxx to train for several more hours as continued his lessons. After several hours passed Jaxx was getting hungry so he climbed out, holstered his holowhips and began running again. Eventually he found a vending machine with dried fruit and quickly devoured his snack before running again. After a while Jaxx ran past Plisken who was smoking his pipe in the hallway. As Jaxx past Plisken by he gave a small wave and in turn Plisken gave Jaxx a small head nod. Jaxx continued his run all the way back to his training room. As Jaxx was now all sweaty again he sat down and began to meditate over his lessons.

As Jaxx’s mind opened up he was sitting on a beach watching the sunrise with Franky the squid. Jaxx spoke up, “Hey Franky dude what’s up?” Franky replied, “Ocean to Murgatroyd even, how is my shark finned apprentice doing these days?” Jaxx smiled, as he said, “Not to bad Franky dude I was just training and stuff.” Franky said, “I must say even, you have come a long way in a short time even. But I must say even, you still have a long road ahead of you even so don’t forget to enjoy life as well.” Jaxx replied, “Ok Franky dude, I’ll try to totally keep it in check and stuff.” Franky then sighed as he said, “I’m glad you’re here even. It will give us time to chat about your next dangerous mission even.”

<To be continued>

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