Hey Mon!

"We'll have full life support for a little over a day. For about 3 days after that, we'll be running lower and lower on breathable air. I can manually siphon oxygen from uninhabited decks to give us a bit longer, but 48 hours from now, everyone will be feeling a bit light headed." Jamie explained. He'd worked on life support and Oxy scrubbers for all of his engineering life.

"We might have some useful things in the supply field..." Phil said, knowing that some of the supply fields were full of old machinery. Especially the ones used by the ships previous eccentric inventors.

"Hey, Cass. Can you read us?" Jamie said into the radio that Jay had.

"Just -bout" Cass replied, with a burst of static in the middle.

"Get to a control room, hook the ventilators into the emergency power, and set all air from the landing decks to the rest of the inhabited levels. We're going to need the shuttles life support for the next couple of days. I'm going to the supply decks to search for spare parts." He said, and the group split up.

"On -- as soo- as I sto- the science labs from -----ing" replied Cass, with more static.

"uhh... what do you suppose that last word was?" Jamie asked, to general shrugs, and hoping that it wasn't a bad -ing word.

"Everyone grab radios from supply. Without Holly, communication is going to be hard." Jay said, the remains of his hangover making his mental processes a bit slower.

After Jay gave his orders Eve ran for the nearest supply box and pulled a radio watch out of it and put it on. Then she grabbed a clean rag as she ran for the nearest working hanger while cleaning her face and hands. Lucky for her, her adrenaline already broke down the alcohol in her system and her headache was gone. Her main concern now was to help get the ship working so Cass could bring Jaxx back to life. Deep down she wanted to break down and cry but she had to put that past her and focus on her mission. Eventually Eve made it to a nearby working hanger and looked around first to see if any Huzzards were in their. After no sign of life she bolted for the best looking Blue Midget in the hanger and got in. Eve knew Jay had a bad record of destroying ships and she didn't want to chance using the slightly damaged ships nearby.

After getting a clearance for take off she piloted the Blue Midget out of the hanger and flew parallel to the Blue Dwarf and ran a few scans on the outer hull. After that she sent her scans to Jamie so he could know the status of the out side of the Dwarf. After that she scanned ahead to map where the Dwarf would be heading towards so she could find her way back to it. Eve said to herself, "This would be fun if so much wasn't riding on our success." Then Eve flew ahead of the Dwarf and saw Jay nearby. Jay said, "Radio check, Eve are you getting this?" Eve replied, "Yes all systems are in check." Jay replied, "Good, I am sending you the coordinates I want you to check out and be quick about it or the others will run out of air before we get back." Eve replied, "Yes sir I know. I'll head back as soon as I find something useful." Jay replied, "Good now good luck."

Jay headed off in his plan path as Eve headed in her assigned path. Eve set up the auto pilot to stay on the correct trajectory and scan at intervals for anything that Jamie and Cass needed. Hours went by as Eve found nothing so she quickly ran to the galley to grab some packaged food and drinks and brought them to the control room in a box so she could have close by. Boredom eventually set in as Eve had been flying for twelve hours straight with nothing in site. Eventually Eve dozed off in the pilot chair as she waited for any signal to go off. A few more uneventful hours went by as Eve slumbered in the uncomfortable chair in exhaustion.

Dream Sequence
As Eve drifted off into her dreamworld she found herself in an episode of Star Trek. As she looked around she was wearing a red mini dress and sitting at the Navigation part of the helm chair next to the Pilot Officer Boyd who was in a yellow shirt with black pants only he still had his old leather pilot skull hat on with the goggles. Eve looked behind her and saw Molly was the Communications Officer in a red mini dress listening to her ear piece. Jamie was the Engineering Officer in a red shirt and black pants looking at his controls. Dr. Black was in a light blue mini dress looking over the medical panel. Jay was in the Captain's chair wearing a green shirt and black pants looking over some reports on a mini pad. White wolf was at the Second Officer station talking to Plisken who was dressed like an Ambassador. In the Science section was Phil, Dr. Artemis, Cass, Candice, Kenneth & Jacky were looking at a screen as they wore light blue shirts with black slacks except for Cass and Candice who wore a light blue mini dress. Eventually Eve's eyes fell on Jaxx who was the Security Officer in a red custom fit shirt (with his fins exposed) and black speedo.

Eve smiled as she looked at Jaxx and bit her bottom lip as she fought the urge to hug him. Just then the second shift arrived and many of the officers were relieved of duty. Eve, Jaxx, and a few others got onto the turbo lift and headed down to the Recenter to see Jox Scarwing perform. Eve made it a point to sit next to Jaxx as they watched the show. After an hour of non stop laughter Eve looked at Jaxx and said, "How about a drink sailor?" Jaxx looked at Eve and replied, "Cha like that would be totally awesome." Eve walked with Jaxx to the bar nearby and ordered some drinks and then sat at a private table. Eve stared into Jaxx's blue eyes as she smiled at him in silence. Jaxx looked puzzled at Eve and asked, "Yo Eve your totally acting out of sorts today. Something come up?" Eve snapped out of her gaze and replied, "Oh I'm sorry I just missed seeing your charming face." Jaxx smiled back and replied, "Its the fins huh? Chicks totally dig the fins." Eve smirked as Jaxx flexed his muscles and fins.

After their drinks Jaxx took Eve to the Observatory to see the gardens and big view of the space they were in. Eve was happy to be with Jaxx in such a beautiful manner. Eventually Eve lured Jaxx into a private area of the gardens and kissed him passionately as she tripped him to his back. Jaxx was slightly confused but didn't stop Eve from her urge to kiss him passionately. Each moment she kissed Jaxx brought Eve closer to her ultimate bliss. Then suddenly from out of nowhere Eve and Jaxx were interrupted by an alarm. Eve didn't want to stop but Jaxx pushed her off and said, "Eve. Eve! We are here." Eve had to fight her carnal urges to take Jaxx back down and listen to the alarm. After catching her breath Eve looked around and realized the ships alarm was going off. Jaxx helped Eve stand up and said, "We have to get to our stations now." Eve nodded as she ran with Jaxx to the turbo lift. The presence of other crew members helped quell Eve's urge to be with Jaxx again, but she was not happy about her situation.

After arriving at the command bridge Jaxx and Eve took their stations along with the others as Captain Jay gave out orders. Everyone scrambled as they did as the Captain ordered. Then Jay looked at Eve and said, "Eve I need you to scan the object ahead." Eve froze up and looked at the confusing controls. Jay said, "Eve I need you to wake up and scan the the object now!" Eve panicked as she could not make out the control panel. Jay yelled, "EVE WAKE UP!"
End Dream Sequence

Eve woke up to the alarm going off on the control panel. She scrambled to operate the controls and pilot the ship so she didn't collide with the space station in front of her. Eve was sweating bullets as she managed to avoid the collision. After positioning her ship in the space station's orbit Eve took a deep breath of relief. Eve said, "That was close." Then Eve paused as she looked around to remember she was alone and then said, "In more ways that one. Well no time to dwell on that stuff lets see what we have here." Eve scanned the space station only to find it was inhabited by some non humans. Eve hailed the Space station up and asked if she could purchase parts for her ship. After a several minutes her Hail was returned by a strange looking Iguana humanoid. He replied, "Hey Mon. What do you want?" Eve looked at the Iguana man to see what she was dealing with.

After looking the Iguana over she remembered, Iguanas are generally skinny and slow humanoids. They have bug eyes and a zoned out expression most of the time. They are sloppy dressers, eaters and make terrible roommates. Some consider Iguanas slow manner and relaxed attitude a by-product of their penchant for wacky-weed and reggae music, but this connection has never been scientifically proven...not that anyone has bothered to try.

Eve answered, "Well I am looking for parts to fix a big ship. Would you have any?" Eve stared at the Iguana as he stared off into space as if he was zoned out. Eve waited patiently and hoped he was actually thinking and not stoned out of his gourd. Eventually the Iguana replied, "Um yeah Mon. Just park your ride at theses coordinates I be sending you Mon." After Eve parked her Blue Midget in the hanger she stepped out and was slightly offended by the smell of trash around the place. It was obvious that the Iguana were a sloppy race. After a while Eve was greeted by some Iguana males and females who just stared at her for a while before they said, "Greetings Mon. Whatcha need Mom?" Eve handed a mini pad with the list of parts on it and replied, "What ever you can find that's on this list." The Iguanas scanned the mini pad over as they looked the list over. Eve waited patiently as she tried to ignore the stench of trash and view of garbage all over the place.

After ten minutes one Iguana looked at Eve and replied, "Ok Mon we can hook ya up up with most of it Mon." After copying the list off Eve's mini pad to their computer pads they handed it back to Eve. Eve was relieved to hear that was she waited patiently. Then the Iguanas walked away and began organizing the part order. Eve watched as the Iguanas used the cranes to move a cargo trailer behind the Blue Midget and lock it into place so they could fill it with the parts they gathered. It took hours for them to load the parts onto the cargo trailer. Eve patiently waited as she watched the Iguanas work. She even saw them climbing the walls to attach cable lifts to crates from the top shelves. Then after they finished up loading the trailer and closed it off some Iguana approached Eve and stared at her for a few minutes till one spoke up and said, "Ok Mon You can pay us now Mon." Eve asked, "How much is the bill for?" The Iguana looked at Eve for several minutes and replied, "Two million pounds Mon." Eve asked, "Do you take JMC credits?"

The Iguanas looked at each other and stated for a good while till they finally looked back at Eve and said, "What else ya got Mon?" Eve was concerned now as she asked, "What else do you accept?" Again the Iguanas looked at each other and stated for a good while till they finally looked back at Eve and said, "Meat Mon. Unless you have Twinkies Mon." Eve thought for a second and remembered she had a case of Twinkies on the Blue Midget. Then Eve asked, "How many Twinkies?" The Iguanas looked somewhat excited as they looked at each other again before they replied, "Twelve Mon." Eve said, "Ok. I'll get them. The Iguana waited with smiles as Eve fetched the case of Twinkies from the Blue Midget and returned. Eve sat the on the floor and opened it to reveal ten boxes of Twinkies. The Iguanas began to salivate at the site of the Twinkies as Eve realized she has the upper hand now.

Eve looked at the Iguanas and asked, "Can I add to the list with this?" The Iguanas nodded in uni some as they stared at the mint condition Twinkies. Eve then asked for a manifest of there supplies and found it had other useful stuff. Eve added 10 vials of medical nanites, and some other medical supplies along with ten crates of curries, some sexy lingerie for herself. After the trade the Iguanas wasted no time lighting up some funny smelling cigarettes and running off with the Twinkies as Eve left the station in her Blue Midget while hauling the cargo Trailer. Eve wasted no time setting her coordinates back to the Blue Dwarf at max speed. Eve felt relieved she was able to get all that stuff for a crate of three million year old Twinkies. After seeing that she was in the clear for her path home Eve decided to take a quick shower and clean her clothes.

After a through cleaning of herself and her outfit, Eve wrapped herself in a towel and hung her clothes to dry by a fan. Since her boots were easy to clean she put them back on to avoid walking on the dirty floor. Eve went back to the pilots chair to see the control panel. After releasing everything was cool she tried to relax as she ate a chocolate peanut bar. After several hours went by Eve put her dry clothes back on and then she fixed her hair so she could be presentable for Jaxx. Eve pulled the lingerie out of her bag and held them up over her clothes to see how she would look in each one. After seeing one she liked she put them back into her bag and went back to the pilots chair to see how much longer the trip was. After a short nap Eve woke up with the ships alarm that it had reached the Blue Dwarf. Eve quickly got excited as she hailed the others. Eve was gone for three days and was worried that she was gone to long. Eve wasted no time landing in the hanger and telling the others what she found.

TAG (It took Eve 3 days to get supplies (Who knows what she ended up with) and come back. What was everyone doing in the meantime and who will greet her at the hanger?)

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