Badly timed static

Eve asked, "So do you need any help fixing this ship? I could pilot a Blue Midget if you need to round up supplies or help with some small repairs. I don't mind since it will help get the power online so Cass can bring back Jaxx." Jamie looked at Jay and Phil as he asked, "So how do you want to do this?"

"we will definitely need someone to fly a ship. The 'Dwarf is dead in the water." Jamie said, as the fleeing group reached a safe corridor. It wasn't nice news, but it was the truth.

"The starbugs and midgets have their own power supply. We can use their nav computers to scan the surrounding area, and find potential supply points." Jay said. "Eve and I can do that, It'll be faster with two of us. Phil can keep an eye on the Huzzards, while you and Cass" he said looking at Jamie, "figure out what we need and how to fix what we have."

"Got it." Jamie said. "In theory, we can stave off the main problems if you set the life support on all the shuttles to max. I'll get the ventilation system on backup power to shift it around the ship. We'll be a little light on Oxygen, but it'll give us something, at least."

"How long will it last?" Jay asked - ever the practical one, that's all he needed to know.

"We'll have full life support for a little over a day. For about 3 days after that, we'll be running lower and lower on breathable air. I can manually siphon oxygen from uninhabited decks to give us a bit longer, but 48 hours from now, everyone will be feeling a bit light headed." Jamie explained. He'd worked on life support and Oxy scrubbers for all of his engineering life.

"We might have some useful things in the supply field..." Phil said, knowing that some of the supply fields were full of old machinery. Especially the ones used by the ships previous eccentric inventors.

"Hey, Cass. Can you read us?" Jamie said into the radio that Jay had.

"Just -bout" Cass replied, with a burst of static in the middle.

"Get to a control room, hook the ventilators into the emergency power, and set all air from the landing decks to the rest of the inhabited levels. We're going to need the shuttles life support for the next couple of days. I'm going to the supply decks to search for spare parts." He said, and the group split up.

"On -- as soo- as I sto- the science labs from -----ing" replied Cass, with more static.

"uhh... what do you suppose that last word was?" Jamie asked, to general shrugs, and hoping that it wasn't a bad -ing word.

"Everyone grab radios from supply. Without Holly, communication is going to be hard." Jay said, the remains of his hangover making his mental processes a bit slower.

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