Why U B Trippin?

"That bloody woman!" Jay aimed a kick at a piece of soot covered detritus as he stalked back into engineering, sending it skittering across the floor and away into the gloom.
"I assume this is Ms. Jones you’re talking about?" Phil wearily rolled his eyes at Eve "What's she done now?"
"It's what she hasn't done this time" Jay threw his hands up in exasperation.
"There's really no pleasing you, is there?"
"You'd think it was worthwhile mentioning that Plisken had been abducted, wouldn't you?" Jay continued, ignoring Phil's less than helpful attempts at winding him up "Or that there are five hundred cyborgs that his now deceased mechanoid replacement has bought aboard?"
"When all did this happen?" Eve was shocked
"She said she found out about it last night. It would have been nice if she had told us"
"To be fair to Cass," Phil shrugged "that would have put a bit of a downer on the night"
"Oh, come on" Jay protested as Jaxx's badly charred remains clunked onto the floor next to the rim of the reactor core.
"I got him" Jamie called, interrupting the discussion, as he hauled himself up out of the shielding pit, covered from head to toe in soot and grime
"Jaxx!" Eve wailed, crumbling into tears as she ran across the room to throw her arms around the almost unrecognisable lump of twisted metal and plastic "Oh baby," she bubbled miserably "you were so brave"
Jay grimaced "Shit. I'm sorry Eve, I should have said: Cass got a backup of Jaxx before he died; she says she can use it to reintegrate his mind back into his body"
"Really?" Eve looked up with hope in her tearful eyes
Jay nodded "Yeah. Really"
"Oh, thank God!"
Cassandra might well be a pain in the arse, but that sort of thing was well within her remit.
"We'll need the power back on before she can do anything like that" Jamie grunted
"What are our chances there?" Jay asked "How bad is it?"
"It's bad" the engineer replied "I've a plan to get power back on to life support and a few of the other essentials, but we're dead in space - The fire damaged a whole load of systems and we're going to need source some parts before we can get the drives back online and actually go anywhere"
"Crap" Jay frowned "Can't auto-repair just manufacture new ones?"
"Auto-repair’s one of the systems that got damaged" Jamie shook his head "Those are the parts we need"
"Jesus," Jay sighed, taking his own name in vain "that's all we need. I - Whoa!" he dodged to one side to avoid a Huzard spear as it whistled out of the gloom, into the midst of the group.

Jade: What’s with the lift? – Does anything happen during the journey down to engineering?
Phil, Jay, Eve and Jamie: Who threw that spear? – What happens next? Are the natives getting restless?
Jamie: The reactor’s screwed and life support’s offline, so what’s the plan to get power back on and stop everyone dying?
Everyone else: What are you doing while this is all going on? – feel free to get in touch if you need any suggestions

As Eve was holding the charred remains of Jaxx's burnt skutter body she listened to what Jay had to say. That is until Jay managed to dodge a spear whizzing by him. Eve turned to look and saw some angry Huzzards glaring at them as they raised their spears in the air. Eve panicked and tried to pick up Jaxx's remains as she was escaping but ended up loosing her balance as she tripped and quickly headed towards a nearby wall at a fast unbalanced speed. Eve luckily missed a spear that whizzed behind her head towards Jay, Jamie and Phil. As Eve collided with the wall with Jaxx's remains between her and the wall she accidentally knocked over a fire extinguisher from the wall clamp to the floor. Then Eve smacked her head into Jaxx's burnt skutter shell and dropped the shell as she grasped her head in pain. As Jaxx's burnt skutter body hit the ground it happen to fall right onto the nozzle of the fire extinguisher and broke it off. Eve was quickly blinded by the smoke as the fire extinguisher fired off like a rocket at the angry huzzards. Eve in a lot of pain and completely unaware that the flying fire extinguisher flew wildly right into the head Huzzard's face and cracked his neck on impact before it flooded the corridor with fire retardant smoke.

As Jamie aided the injured Eve to help her escape they could hear a lot of choking as the Huzzards seemed to running away. As Jamie looked at Eve's face she had a small bump on her forehead and a lot of black soot on her face, hands and dress. Since her injury was minor it didn't warrant a visit to Dr. Black's office. Eve asked, "How did you guys scare off the Huzzards?" Jamie replied, "That was all you girl. Some how you accidentally launched a fire extinguisher at them." Eve looked at Jamie and smiled as she replied, "Now your just trying to be nice. If you don't want to tell me you guys did it that's fine." Jamie was about to say something when Eve asked, "So do you need any help fixing this ship? I could pilot a Blue Midget if you need to round up supplies or help with some small repairs. I don't mind since it will help get the power online so Cass can bring back Jaxx." Jamie looked at Jay and Phil as he asked, "So how do you want to do this?"


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